2007 Product Roadmap

We have announced this in previous month’s newsletter. However, in case that you did not notice it, here you can learn where to find our updated product roadmap.

We have recently published 2007’s product roadmap to our Developer Network site. Unfortunately only registered customers can access to the roadmap by logging into the Developer Network. After you logged in, you can find the link in the Announcement section of the Dashboard window.

The reason why we did not publish this to public is due to security and confidential issue. We have experienced some bad treatment where some of nasty competitors out there are “stealing” our ideas and then “copy cat” our features. So, we decided to set the product roadmap accessible only by registered users to reduce the risk of this confidential problem.

Well, we got tons of fresh and new stuff coming by early 2007. So be sure that you check out our 2007 roadmap!

All the best,


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