New tutorial videos are now available

In our previous month’s newsletter, we have announced the availability of new tutorial videos that demonstrate the design-time usage of WebDesktop components. However, I noticed that many of our customers still did not aware on these new videos and thus I decided to post it again in this blog.

Current available videos on WebDesktop components include tutorial videos for WebStyleManager, WebPaneManager, WebMenuBar and WebToolBar.

WebStyleManager is a very powerful application with advanced features. Unfortunately until now we have not had chance to put a lot of resources or effort to make WebStyleManager useful and popular to be used. With this tutorial video, we are hoping to educate the user and at the same time exposing the power of WebStyleManager to boost developer’s productivity and manage the style for your web application.

Watch tutorial demo for WebStyleManager

To maximize the use of WebPaneManager and demonstrate how easy it is to solve the problem of creating and managing complex layouting in html, this is the time where WebPaneManager tutorial come in handy. This tutorial shows that creating and managing complex layouting with Advance Designer feature in WebPaneManager is as easy as clicking buttons. The tutorial also include the steps to configure your WebPaneManager with basic configuration so that you will have basic knowledge of WebPaneManager and no longer have to worry with the component adaptation.

Watch tutorial demo for WebPaneManager

Another powerful component but lack of demonstration is the WebMenuBar and WebToolBar. These two components have several hidden features that existed but not properly exposed.  New in WebMenuBar and WebToolBar, we introduced a Visual Menu Builder to enable WYSIWYG menu development. The goal of having a WYSIWYG design time is also supported by WebMenuBar and WebToolBar outside Visual Menu Builder, such as docking preference that can be simulated straight away in design time as soon as you change the related properties, or the tool commands that can be visualize straight away after you add them to the command list item.

Watch tutorial demo for WebMenuBar and WebToolBar 

If you have video tutorial requests, please feel free to email our “Tutorial Master” at 🙂


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