ISDataSource.NET Preview [Part 1]

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 introduced new concept on how to build data source and utilize it in an ASP.NET application which quite different from what we usually used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2003. This new concept is to some extend quite remarkable, considering it can do automatic data-binding to .NET data-bound controls with “no code” or very few codes in the Presentation Layer which also means that we can now have a clear separation between Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer and Data Layer.

Reacting to this new concept, Intersoft research and development team starts to adapt the new concept to its entire data-bound components. During research the team found out that it’s quite hard and ineffective to perform hierarchical data retrieval using the native Datasource controls. Considering this limitation and some other aspect that can be enhanced, the team start designing an enhanced Datasource control, which later called ISDataSource.NET.

I am one of the development member for this project, and would love to share some of new stuff around ISDataSource.NET in my upcoming posts.

The ISDataSource.NET development started three months ago with promising results, and will be ready for beta-release in near future.

The following are some of the enhanced features in ISDataSource.NET:
• Multi table-view support and Hierarchical-relational support
• Connects to DataSet and CustomObject in design time.
• Enhanced configuration management
• Enhanced designer
  (step-by-step wizard & automatic table generation)
• Integration with .NET data-bound controls
• Enhanced caching mechanism
• Integration with Intersoft.NET data-bound controls

There are a lot of advanced features offered by ISDataSource, such as capability to automatically detect conflict detection, true load-on-demand support for WebGrid.NET Enterprise 5.0, and many more.

 I will post some of the conceptual article to ease the migration from VS2003-dataset in designer to VS2005 datacomponent concept through datasource control.

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