A new staff member

As a new staff member of Intersoft Solutions, I am still learning about web components, especially the products of Intersoft Solutions. For me, WebGrid.Net 4.0  has a comprehensive and solid functionality which offers tons of features that allow users to work with the information in a more effective and productive way. One of the features that I like is the OnTheFly-PostBack, as its name calls, it is a way where data can be requested on-the-fly and rendered to client in transparent way without the need to perform full page refresh. As a result, data can be retrieved from server and displayed faster.
I have been working on WebGrid.NET server-side documentation for about three weeks.  

I have to say that WebGrid.NET is a very powerful component, so there are tons of topics that need to be documented. This documentation task is a new experience to me since I have never involved in any documentation job before. Honestly, with lots of topics in WebGrid, I experienced some difficulties in getting the descriptions, remarks, and examples for the documentation. But thanks to my director and colleagues, I have some ideas on how to write the topics as well as getting information from existing resources. I also worked closely with developers to get detailed information on specific remarks on a member or function.

Hopefully the server-side documentation can be finished by the end of this month and provides a good MSDN style documentation with comprehensive content. 🙂


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