Originally, we planned to fully support ASP.NET AJAX in our upcoming 2007 product platform. However, due to large amount of requests from our existing customers who asked for the ASP.NET AJAX support in existing 2006 versions, we finally decided to implement the ASP.NET AJAX support in the upcoming November build of the products.

All 2006 products (WebGrid, WebCombo, WebInput and all components in WebDesktop) will fully support ASP.NET AJAX in the upcoming November builds. These builds will be available from Update Manager as well as HotFixes in Developer Network. We also planned to release new service packs (installers) that contain this enhancement in several days after the HotFix availability.

The ASP.NET AJAX is supported in three scenarios:

  1. Side-by-side usage with our components. This means having our component in the same page with Microsoft’s AJAX UpdatePanel will not cause issue or conflict. Notes that Microsoft’s AJAX overrides many of the built-in javascript objects and generally will cause issue in even simple javascript codes (such as using for() in Array). However, we have managed to completely overcome this issue.
  2. Using our components inside Microsoft’s AJAX UpdatePanel. This is the most significant feature that allows you to update all of our components without full page refresh. Although we already have our own AJAX Framework (FlyPostBack) such as in WebGrid and WebCombo — they can still be used and contained inside the UpdatePanel.
  3. Using our components with AtlasScripts. While programmatically interacting with the Atlas components or scripts, our components will work flawlessly in these scenarios.

The November builds will likely to be available in the next 2 weeks after we performed more QA and testing against more advanced scenarios.

We hope you enjoyed this enhancement and we look forward to hear your feedbacks. 

All the best,



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