WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1 Beta 2 is now available.

We are excited to announce the release of WebUI Studio.NET 2007 second beta. This release contains numerous bug fixes and significant enhancements to WebGrid.NET Enterprise 5.0 and ISDataSource such as strong support for third party object layer (eg, Hibernate, XPO).

We have also implemented top-requested enhancements such as ability to add server-side controls to the cell via template editing and server-side RowChanged event. The RowChanged event is compatible with ASP.NET AJAX, so that you can perform AJAX Update on other controls in the page using server-side programming.

What makes this second beta release really interesting is the included “complete feature-sets” of WebDesktop.NET 2.0. There are dozens of new visual styles — as our new year present for you :), and check out the new Office 2007 style’s desktop manager. The WebDesktop.NET 2.0 components have also been improved to better support MasterPage scenario.

Besides the user interface stuff in WebDesktop – well, this is a good news for AJAX fanatics – our AJAX Manager (known as FlyPostBackManager) now supports automatic partial updating on WebGrid, WebCombo, and the rest components in our Suite.

What’s more – We have included over 500 live samples for the entire components in the Suite, including the new feature samples of WebDesktop.NET 2.0.

If you haven’t download beta 2 bits, I suggest you to download now and play around with it. You may want to read Beta 2 Notes before you choose to install this beta.

Enjoy and welcome to the new quality, the revitalized Intersoft Solutions.



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