WebUI Studio.NET 2007 Refresh is now available.

For those who experienced difficulty while installing WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1 especially the part when the Installer attempted to configure the Visual Studio 2005 toolbox, please download and install WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1 Refresh. If you are prospective customer, you can get the new Installer from the same trial link. Otherwise, you can get from My Components in Developer Network.

There are two major improvements in this Refresh version:

  1. Visual Studio 2005 Toolbox Installation is now using a totally new technique. This new technique eliminates “Package Load Failure” problem or “Command not supported” problem that existed in initial installer. Also you can notice that the new toolbox installation is much faster (5x faster than previous version) and notice the new progress bar indicator while the installer configures the toolbox.
  2. Ability to configure “Proxy Setting” in License Manager. For those who behind proxy or firewall, you can now set the proxy setting in License Manager.

If you didn’t experience any issues in Installation or License Manager, you don’t need to download this Refresh version since all product assemblies are still the same as in original 2007 R1 Package.

Regarding the toolbox installation, we’d like to share some parts where it failed. Although it worked perfectly in 95% cases, it failed when the environment has couple of rare scenarios. After extensive investigations, we finally be able to make the toolbox installation work 100% in any scenarios. Andry who is our RTM Manager has the complete details. Please read his post to learn more the details on the previous technique we used and why it failed.


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