2008 Product Roadmap Unleashed

We are pleased to announce that the long awaited 2008 product roadmap is now published in our Developer Network 2.0 site. After you logged on to Developer Network, just go straight to the Dashboard window and click on the 2008 Product Roadmap link in the Announcement section.

In brief, one of our key goals in 2008 is to support wider range of browsers such as Safari 3.0 and Opera 9.5 as mentioned in my previous post. In addition, we will have a brand-new product targetting Scheduling market. The upcoming Scheduling component is planned to have very powerful and unique features not available in any other products, such as agenda and multiple resources view, as well as out-of-the-box integration between calendaring and scheduling.

The next important objective is aimed toward providing Silverlight components. We’ll providing a wide range of phenomenally interesting UI components targeting Rich Web Application scenarios (and well, of course it’s not kiddy stuff like rotater, cube, checkbox or stuff). We will have a demo site to demonstrate some interesting features soon. The demo site will also be featured in Silverlight home page later. To read more details and features, simply logon to Developer Network.

As always, if you’re not an existing customer but interested to learn more about our roadmap for your purchase decision, feel free to contact sales@intersoftpt.com to obtain a copy.

— Jimmy.


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