Intersoft Team 2007 R2 Vacation

Greetings all !

Last vacation on March 2007 we went to Ayer, and this time we are planning the vacation to Bali. I believe I don’t have to explain as much as what I have wrote for Ayer since.. who doesn’t know Bali? 🙂 For those who don’ t know Bali, you must google it and find out about this beautiful island. Bali is also known as “the island of God” with its tradition, beautiful beach, beautiful scenery, I believe it would be one of the unforgettable experience with the team.

We will take off from Jakarta at 10.40 in the morning and arrive at Bali around 13.00 (since Bali is 1 hour difference in advance compare to Jakarta). The journey finally starts from tomorrow! Just in case you are wondering whether the whole team will join this trip, the answer is no. So for those of you who got urgent inquiry, your questions will be still answered only the response time will be slower than normal.

I have to say that I have felt the excitement of the team since the last 1 month and can’t wait to go to Bali. So.. see you on Monday for our report back from Bali !

Best Regards,


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