Intersoft 2007 Vacation – Back from Bali

As promised, we are back from Bali after 4 days trip with full of memories.

Day 1 – Taking 10.40 AM flight from Jakarta, we arrived at Bali’s airport (Ngurah Rai) 15 minutes earlier than it should.  Straight from there we are heading to our reserved Hotel – Adhi Dharma Hotel in the middle of Kuta’s area where its famous beach located. We passed the beach and found it is quite crowded with tourists around the world trying to tan their skin with Bali’s sun or simply riding Bali’s beautiful waves – surfing.

Arrived at the hotel, finished our checked in, we went for a short trip to ‘Chandra Restaurant’ to try its famous Roasted Pork. You actually can try many things made of Pork here. Unlike Jakarta which most of the people are Muslim, most of Balinese people are Hindu. If in Jakarta you will find difficulties in finding any food contains pork, in Bali you will hardly find anything with beef since cow is considered as a holy animal.

After finish taking our late lunch, we go to one famous place (Titiles) to buy a unique food product made in Bali – mostly made of peanut and assorted meats. In Titiles we see something amazing actually. If you do interested in animals, you might know that not all tiger which married with lion can have a child. So when we do see the result of tiger + lion, we are quite amazed, it is quite weird but certainly unique, not mentioning their latest born are still very small and cute as if it is a cat.

Jimbaran Sunset - Bali

Finishing today’s trip, we are heading towards Jimbaran that we heard famous of its café along the beach. I have to admit, it is such as beautiful place, we walk along the beach waiting for dinner time looking at the sunset. At 6 PM, the dinner is served and we are having a beautiful dinner with a professional street musician singing a series of old love song and wave’s sound as the background.

Finally we are back to hotel, taking a shower and we decide to take a short walk along Legian street where we feel that there must have been at least 1 people from 1 country visiting Bali right at that moment 🙂

Day 2 – Our schedule today is to follow one day tour around Bali. First we went to see Barong Dance. Some say it is scary, some say it is beautiful – depends on your taste of art, you might want to see it. Once you enter the barong dance area, you will be given a beautiful yellow flower – I personally don’t know the name of the flower, but you will find this kind of flower anywhere within bali. You might not understand what they are saying along the show since the show is performed using Bali’s traditional language, but luckily before the show begin, they give us a paper containing the explanation of what is happening.


We stop for a while in Galuh after the show to look for high quality souvenirs from Bali, and continue our today’s trip to Kintamani. Kintamani is actually quite far from where we have our show this morning, so it takes time to go there. Different from Kuta, Kintamani area actually covers the mountain’s side of Bali. The scenery is awesome. If in the center of Bali the weather is hot, in Kintamani the weather is quite cold. The restaurant where we have our lunch is on the mountain’s cliff and we are taking our food to the balcony where we can enjoy the mountain’s scenery and cold wind without any barrier ( it is quite scary, but you cannot resist the temptation to just sit there and relax) .

From Kintamani, next we visit Hindu’s temple (Pura) near there. In Pura, you can see the ritual which they must do before they do their prayer.  Once we finish, we are heading to Sukawati Market where we do all the shopping. The price compared to Galuh is much cheaper, but the tour guide also said that the quality might not be as good as Galuh’s products though.


Day 3 – Today’s plan is to go to Ubud and Bedugul. We heard it was a nice place. We went there and found that they have quite a big lake, after taking pictures as usual, we go to strawberry farm where we enjoy couple of cold drinks in the middle of hot weather, and later on taking lunch on the lake side. The highlight object that we have been waiting for is to visit Tanah Lot where everyone said has the most beautiful sunset, and IT IS ! 🙂

Tanah Lot         Tanah Lot - Sunset

Day 4 – Since we have been very tired with all the activities from early morning till middle of the night, this morning we enjoy a late breakfast, and walk to Kuta Beach. We are heading back to the hotel earlier to do the check out and just enjoy the hotel facility while waiting for our next flight back to Jakarta… Finally.. the holiday is over.. the work is waiting.. but the memories remain 🙂

 Kuta Beach

Interested in visiting Bali for your next vacation ?



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