“Innovation for Visual Studio 2008” award from Microsoft Indonesia.

Good day everyone!

When I write a blog, usually it means that something good happen in Intersoft 🙂 This time I present you the awards that we received yesterday.

About a week or two weeks ago, Microsoft Indonesia sent us an invitation for us to attend their event – SINERGI in National Innovation Day 2007. SINERGI is a celebration to appreciate the local technology growth. The discussion topics are mainly about national innovation by prominent figures in technology industry and Microsoft Indonesia. We are invited to join their exhibition, give a presentation on our innovation, and also to receive 2 awards. Without second thought, we gladly received their invitation and began the express preparation in 2 weeks.

The event was held last Thursday (13th December 2007) at Grand Ballroom-The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place, a brand new place with modern architecture in the heart of the business district. The place was great, the people and the guests were fabulous – they were extremely friendly and kindly share their experience with us, and we were anxious to see the award that we were going to receive.

The presentation was brought by our CTO himself, Andry Handoko Soesilo, who represented Intersoft to receive “Innovate On Visual Studio 2008” award. For the first time in the presentation, WebAqua is widely shown to the public. We got very positive feedback from the audiences and we got cool ship-shaped award :).

Intersoft Presentation4  Intersoft Presentation3  Intersoft Presentation2

While in other session, “Global Player” award was given to Intersoft and represented by our CEO, Jimmy Petrus Setiawan. In the award, Jonah Stephen as the DPE Director of Microsoft Indonesia said “On behalf of Microsoft Indonesia, I would like to take a moment to thank you for your innovative contribution to Visual Studio 2008 and ASP.NET 3.5 technologies. We recognized your contribution in helping us on the development of world-class ASP.NET components and consistently show technical leadership on ASP.NET, AJAX, and Silverlight technologies to the global developer community.”

We would like to thank Microsoft Indonesia for the award given and I’m sure we will always try our best in implementing Microsoft latest technology and of course continue give contribution for the technology growth in Indonesia. We can’t wait to see the next award that we will receive in the future 🙂



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