Top development in 2007 and the road ahead 2008.

Now that year 2007 has passed, on behalf of Intersoft Solutions I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the great support, who has helped us to become who we are today. My gratitude goes to our loyal customers and industry partners, who constantly gave us valuable feedback so that we can grow and deliver better products and services. To everyone at Intersoft Solutions, who have continuously contribute countless effort and give their best performance all year around. Looking backwards in a glance, I have quickly compiled a list of our top 10 developments and achievements in year 2007:

  1. The 2007’s platform initiatives and rebranding effort have been proven as great success. We have also successfully raised the bar by introducing brand-new web sites and support center, as well as new major version of all flagship products with over 400 new features and enhancements as well as a new innovation on datasource control (ISDataSource). To review 2007 initiatives, take a quick look at
  2. Successfully releasing “2007 R1” on schedule (February 2007).
  3. Received two “five star” rating product reviews from industry’s professionals.
  4. Significantly revamped Support Management and increased quality of services by providing a real-time Live Chat support, dozens of video tutorials as well as added huge amount of documentation materials.
  5. Successfully launched “2007 R2” on time (August 2007) with 2 new major products (WebDragDropExtender and WebTreeView) and over hundreds of new features for WebDesktop and other existing products. Take a quick look on our 2007 R2 Highlight.
  6. The sixth generation of WebGrid with accomplished vision in delivering the most advanced data visualization and analytical features. Our WebGrid is the first in the industry with built-in Interactive Pivot Charting.
  7. Successfully captured market share and repositioned as market leader in WebUI industry, awarded as top 50 best selling publisher.
  8. Introduced the next generation WebUI for Silveright with breakthrough concept, previously code-named “Sirius” and now has been officially named as WebAqua.NET. Featured in Silverlight’s showcase Website, WebAqua breaks the record with 12.000 viewers in only two months.
  9. Received the “Global Player” award from Microsoft Indonesia.
  10. Received the “Innovation for Visual Studio 2008” award from Microsoft Indonesia.

We look forward to deliver even better products and services to you in 2008. Get ready for the upcoming 2008 R1 beta release, scheduled soon in the beginning of the year. We’ve added much more features than we planned in the first place, so be prepare to expect the unexpected and check out our blog for upcoming news 🙂

All the best, Jimmy.


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