WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R1 Beta Released!

Clock is ticking, everyone is at their desk. With full concentration and dedicated soul, they work for hours – more than they should. My name is Nathania, your sales representative. I am new to this company and I was amazed at how my colleagues worked to reach their target.

Now, I am honored to deliver the message to your end that WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R1 Beta version is officially released. After 3 full weeks of preparation, WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R1 Beta is now available for download.

In this Beta version, you will find our new WebUI that is built upon Silverlight technology called WebAqua. Firstly known as codename “Sirius”, WebAqua allows you to experience WebFishEye, a MacOS-Dock like stack bar in Web-based version, and WebCoverFlow, a sophisticated and advanced Silverlight-based Media Player. See live demo http://webaqua.intersoftpt.com/

WebCallOut, a new family member to WebDesktop, is also introduced in the Beta version. It is a highly customizable pop-up tooltip that can automatically detect the position of the cursor based on the target control ID that you have set.

For more information on our latest product, please view our press release. Click here http://www.intersoftpt.com/Corporate/Default.aspx?page=PressRelease&PressID=8674f028-6e60-4d6d-9c71-8ac3ec5b332f 


More good news! WebUI Studio.NET 2008 now supports both Opera and Safari Web browsers.


Contact me at nathania@intersoftpt.com and experience your Web like never before.


2 thoughts on “WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R1 Beta Released!

  1. John Frost

    Hello – Very excited about the 2008 release. When will the scheduler component be available? Also, will the the new 2008 studio work with Visual Studio 2008?


  2. Nathania

    Hello John Frost,

    Thank you for your comment.
    The WebScheduler will be available around mid of March 2008. I will notify you regarding this matter whenever we have released the scheduler.
    Yes, the new WebUI Studio 2008 will work well with Visual Studio 2008.


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