The beauty of naturally-integrated UI.

scheduler_customcalendar.pngIn this second post around WebScheduler topic, I would like to share a scenario that we will support in the next upcoming bits. If you have tried our RC bits, you should be aware that the Calendar in the WebScheduler is tightly integrated, in the layout, functionality and behavior aspects.

One challenging question arise with the built-in Calendar concept is, can we take out the Calendar part of from the WebScheduler and put it somewhere else? This question does make sense, in deed, because you may love to use our WebPaneManager better, which already have built-in resizing and expanding/collapsing feature. The entire WebUI will also become more intuitive, when combined with WebPaneManager, or WebDesktopManager, to deliver a real sophisticated WebUI which is based on the same concept and philosophy.

You might think that it’s impossible (or nearly impossible) to do this, since the Calendar is already too deeply integrated inside WebScheduler. Or if taken out, there might be a lot of refactoring and rework needs to be done. In this post, I will prove that it’s not only possible, but it will be even supported as a built-in feature in the next bits. Take a look at the following shot:


In the above sample, I am using WebPaneManager and put the WebScheduler into the Left Pane. Next, I create a html placeholder inside the Right Pane, and set the placeholder ID into the CustomContainerID of the WebScheduler. At runtime, the Calendar will now be rendered inside the Right Pane. And magically, all functions and integrated behaviors between the Calendar and the Scheduler will still work flawlessly, as if the Calendar is inside the main Scheduler UI.

The point of my post is that, it is the rock-solid architecture and the well-designed OOP-based methodology that allows the extensibility become possible to be done. The Calendar that we design in the WebScheduler is actually a sub-component that built upon loosely-coupled architecture, which can be easily taken out and even used independently.

Well, enough for the technical bits. Now about the upcoming updates, we are planning for a regular weekly-based updates since the RTM time is only several weeks ahead. So, if you found issues or bugs, or wish to have your scenarios covered, be sure to send them to



2 thoughts on “The beauty of naturally-integrated UI.

  1. Rudy

    Is there a working sample of this feature?
    I have tried following the instruction above using latest release version of 2008R1, but the calendar is still attached to the scheduler and does not render in the place holder at all.

    This feature is not mentioned in the 2008 R1 documentation and not found in the samples.


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