The metamorphosis of WebUI Studio

While developing the new interface for our Developer Network 3.0, it came across my mind on how much works that we have done in the past 5 years and how our products have lead the industry and revolutionize the WebUI.

So in this post, I would like to share the differences that we have made from the initial version of Developer Network, and the metamorphosis of our WebUI Studio in this third generation which powered the entire Developer Network application.

Developer Network 1.0, introduced on year 2003. At that time, we only have 2 products, WebCombo and WebGrid.

Developer Network 1.0

Developer Network 2.0, introduced on February 2006. The version 2.0 was a revolutionary release that significantly change the way people work and interact with the Web. Powered by WebUI Studio.NET 2006 R1, the Developer Network now allows you to work with Window concept and intuitive user experience, such as context menu, moving the Window around, dockable toolbar and pane manager and so much more. Even until today, there are no other similar competing products yet in the industry that provide this kind of robust concept and advanced functionality.

 Developer Network 2.0

Developer Network 3.0, introduced on March 2008. Only 2 years after we hit the UI industry with revolutionary Windowing functionality, now we have arrived at another revolutionary milestones. Powered by WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R1, this new version adds dazzling and superior user experience by incorporating the popular WebAqua UI components. No longer your desktop is cluttered with shortcuts, but experience the sophisticated Docking Navigation provided by WebFishEye. This new version of Developer Network also incorporates many new features of WebDesktopManager, such as the cool-minimalistic Aqua theme and new UI design. Enjoy!

Developer Network 3.0

As I have outlined above, our entire WebUI Studio components are designed with rock solid architecture and design, which enables us to extend the new UI products and naturally integrate it into the existing UI product. This key design is also the factor that allow us to revamp the new Developer Network 3.0 in only 3 days.

So far, we have shown you the best practices and the use of our products itself and how it can help you to bring even richer user experience in your Web application. I hope you enjoy this post, and let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedbacks.

Note: The TDN3 will be available as the same time as WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R1 RTM’ed on March 19th, 2008.

All the best,


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