Greetings from Leopard.

You’ve probably heard a lot about our 2008 R1 release from our newsletter, website, and so on. You’ve also probably seen our new TDN3 which has been enhanced with WebAqua-enabled experience. So now it’s enough said. In this post, I’m going to experience and see if WebUI Studio 2008 is really as good as it said.

For most of us, .NET developers and Web developers, Windows is our primary computing platform. But that’s not the case with senior executives and Steve Jobs’ crews. For the past 5 years, we have been targeting on Windows platform and thus enable computer users who used IE and Firefox browser to take advantage of our rich Web user experience. This year, we added Safari 3 and Opera 9.5 to our browsers portfolio. So, for those of you who used Mac as your primary computing platform, welcome and enjoy the rich Web user experience with us!

The following image is a screenshot that I captured during my Leopard boot session. I decided to use the built-in Leopard’s Safari browser instead of Firefox just to see how well the application worked in Safari.

TDN3 in Leopard’s Safari

The result is quite surprising. It’s more than just working well. If you noticed, the FishEye navigation, the WebDesktopManager, WebGrid, WebToolBar and all our advanced 23 components are rendered flawlessly, and are pixel-perfect as they were rendered in IE and FireFox.

However, please note that Silverlight 2.0 Beta contains bugs and regressions which didn’t exist in the officially-released Silverlight 1.0. So, if you’re using Silverlight 2.0 Beta, you would find some minor glitches in the FishEye navigation. My recommendation is, stick on the matured Silverlight 1.0 and wait until 2.0 gets into its stable point (at least RC).

If you’re reading this blog from a Mac computer (and assuming you’re our registered customer and that you have Silverlight installed), you can also experience the new WebUI as I demonstrated above. Try open up your Safari browser from the Dock, and enter to your address bar. This will redirect you to our enhanced Developer Network.

Enjoy and happy easter!

All the best,


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