2008 R1 Refresh, now available.

In response to several feedback that we received, we are pleased to announce 2008 R1 Refresh.

The 2008 R1 refresh contains the following fixes:

  • Minor installer related issues, such as missing samples and images.
  • Fixed several regressions on WebDesktopManager and WebTab.
  • Enhanced WebFishEye to work better and more stable in Safari Mac, Firefox Mac and Firefox Windows.
  • Enhanced WebScheduler to cover more advanced event scenarios rendering, which are unhandled in initial release. This new build of WebScheduler has been extensively tested against advanced scenarios such as converting a normal event to a switch-day event, better synchronization between each views, and fixed several issues in Agenda.
  • Added more How-To topics and more complete server-side documentation for WebScheduler.

The live sample has also been updated with the latest builds.

You can download 2008 R1 Refresh from Product Trial or My Components. However, if you are not in hurry to get the fixes for the above issues, I recommend you to wait until the end of this month when the hotfixes become available for download.



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