Unforgettable Microsoft Tech-Ed 2008 memoir

Microsoft Tech Ed Developer 2008 is over, yet it leaves a remarkable impression for all of us. This is the first event we participated in and the responses and supports were extra ordinary. Orlando, Florida is about 30-hours of flight away and it was well paid off. We met lots of friends, customers, and business partners there.

First trip to United States and I must say that it’s very nice to be here. People are nice, foods are great, nice environment, and healthier air compared to Jakarta. We believe that Microsoft Tech Ed 2008 is just as great. Arrived on June 2st 2008, we hurried to the convention center to set up our booth and went back to the hotel to restore our stamina and prepare for the next big day.

June 3rd – June 6th 2008 is the big day. We had WebGrid.NET Enterprise, WebAqua.NET, and WebScheduler.NET up for live demo and we are very confident with our jaw-dropping demo and indeed, everyone stopping by our booth was amazed with our innovations. Even Microsoft guys were interested with what we have to offer. Some customers even dropped by our booth and had a brief discussion with us. Compliment, feedback and comment we received encourages us to deliver the best component and superior services in the industry.

Besides staying on our booth, I actually browsed around the exhibition area. Grabbed few competitors’ brochures and trial CD and of course, some freebies. Andry, our adorable CTO went for a Silverlight session and brainstorm with the Microsoft guy. We also had a chance to see 50 cm tall robot and tried the latest Windows Mobile 6 devices.

The team also received free Universal Studio fun from Microsoft. We enjoyed the 4-D Terminator action which is quite ridiculous but awesome. It felt as if as we were inside the scene fighting those vicious human-looking robots along with The Terminator and John Connor in order to save the future of mankind. This thrilling 20-minute of live action ended with smile in everybody’s face. Next is the Man in Black. We are recruited as Man in Black agents and blasting those nasty slimy aliens in a very intense scene with the ala-MIB weapons.

We hope to see you again in the next Microsoft Tech-Ed 2009 Los Angeles, California and for those who didn’t have the chance to stop by our booth, make sure you do next time. Trust me, it feels good to meet with us and demo our head turning beta innovations.


See more Microsoft Tech-Ed 2008 pictures at Intersoft @ Tech-Ed 2008.

Jemmy Haryono.
Marketing Manager, Intersoft Solutions Corp.


2 thoughts on “Unforgettable Microsoft Tech-Ed 2008 memoir

  1. Jemmy Haryono Post author

    Thanks Ken.
    The first photo is me, Jemmy “The Marketing Guy”.
    2nd photo: (left-to-right) Siebrand (one of customer based in Netherland), Andry (CTO of Intersoft Solutions), and Jimmy.
    4th photo: (left-to-right) Jemmy, Martin (Products and Resources Manager), Andry, and Jimmy.

    We have more photos on our site. Check the link below the post.

    By the way, Ken did you come to Tech Ed 2008?


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