Retrieving control inside a container without using FindControl() method in WebDesktop.NET 2.5

We have just added a new KB article for this latest enhancement in recent R2 release.

This article discusses how to retrieve control inside a template container without using FindControl() method. In this case, the container controls are one of the container included in WebDesktop.NET 2.5, such as WebPaneManager, WebDesktopManager, WebTab, etc.

This enhancement frees you from the hassles of writing codes to find the control instance before the control can be accessed. You can now refer the child controls by simply accessing its ID. For instance, txtName.Text = “John”. One thing you will definitely love is that Visual Studio IDE will be able to find the child controls ID automatically. This means less runtime errors and reduced development time.

In WebDesktop.NET 2.5, when you have the identical name for one control id and the other control id that is being casted, it will produce an error. Therefore, you need to remove the local control definition and FindControl() method since it is no longer needed in the latest R2 release.

For more details about the related topic, please refer to our support site.




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