Resizing EditingForm’s DialogBox in WebScheduler.NET 2.0

WebScheduler.NET 2.0 already supports Extensibility feature that allows user to extend WebScheduler objects. In many cases, user needs to add several additional fields to the editing form. Due to number of the input controls in the editing form, some of the fields might get hidden the limited width and height (scrollbar will automatically appear in this case). To overcome this issue, you can resize the Editing Form dialog box by implementing OnEditingFormShow client side event. Here is the sample code:

function WebScheduler1_OnEditingFormShow(controlId, action, eventView, eventType, newType)
         var EditingDialogBox = WebScheduler1.EditingDialogBox;
         if (EditingDialogBox.Window!=null)
                  EditingDialogBox.Width = "1000";
                  EditingDialogBox.Height = "600";
         return true;

Feel free to post your feedback or comment.

Hope this helps,


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