Introducing ISLinqDataSource, a free LINQ-enabled datasource component for .NET developers!

We’re excited to announce the immediate availaibility of ISLinqDataSource, a new component that extends “LINQ to SQL” technology beyond. With “LINQ to SQL” technology, developers can now build striking fast data-driven web application that scale well in the future. That is made possible because data shape is now queried on database layer, which significantly reduces post-processing overhead at middle/presentation layer and also eliminating unnecessary resources consumption. The end result is obvious — blazing fast data operation, no matter how large your datasource is.

Best of all, we made ISLinqDataSource a free download for .NET developers. To support this new LINQ-enabled datasource component, we have also released a new update to our WebUI Studio suite recently. Please launch Update Manager, and make sure you obtained Build 602 for Framework, Build 207 for WebGrid and WebCombo. To see the version history details, please visit Support Center.

To understand better on how Intersoft WebUI Studio implements “LINQ to SQL” technology, we have written a detailed must-read whitepaper and guided walkthroughs to help you quickly getting started.

Start developing high performance web application — today. Don’t let performance bottlenecks take down your mission-critical web application. Happy “LINQ to SQL”-ing!

All the best,


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