How to overcome license issue in 2008 R2

Hi, I am back again with another tips about our products. Today I want to share tips about how to handle license issue in 2008 R2. For those who have used our 2008 R1 products previously and are now installing the 2008 R2, probably you will get unlicensed issue, eventhough you have used the License Manager to register the license correctly. The error occurred because of our new licensing mechanism in 2008 R2.

To overcome this issue, you are recommended to do the following steps:
• After 2008 R2 is installed, you need to Delete all Licenses. Make sure your internet connection is connected.
• Then, launch License Manager that is shipped with 2008 R2, and re-add all licenses (although the license keys are the same as in existing one).

Hope these tips will help you to get started and enjoy better development experience with us.


Gordon Tumewu
Support Manager, Intersoft Solutions Corp.


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