Cumulative May 2009 Updates

Last month was definitely one of our busiest months this year as we’re preparing for the upcoming 2009’s big release along with major revamp on public sites and new business models. Just realized that we haven’t even had time to update our blog in a while. So here are some cumulative news on May’s events and some interesting product updates for you.

First of all, we’ll be releasing WebUI Studio 2009 very soon within this month – definitely no more delays! Not only will you get the best quality Suite with over 9 new innovations across ASP.NET and Silverlight platform in this release, you can also expect the quality to be on the highest bar. Not to mention the comprehensive technical documentation, hundreds of walkthroughs, dozens of reference samples and more — this release is  certainly well worthed the long wait.

In case you missed our May’s newsletter, we have made available the video of our live showcase at Microsoft Developer Conference which is available here. Thanks to Microsoft who invited us for presentation opportunity in this special developer event, we successfully demonstrate the key features of our upcoming Silverlight components, and show how we extend Silverlight technologies beyond animation and media player. Click here to watch the live showcase video (Youtube) and here to read our recent newsletter.

Now, you can find us on Facebook — a fast-growing social networking site. While we’ll keep our blogs with more technical and products discussion, we’ll be updating our status and making short announcements more frequently on our Facebook page. Follow us today, stay updated with our latest news, interact directly with our product engineers and be the first to know the availability of our upcoming. This week, we’ll be uploading dozens of new featured videos, tutorial videos, and more — make sure you don’t miss it out!

Last but not least, we’d like to thanks our customers, partners, and beta testers who have provided us with valuable feedback and issues reporting, which are critical to help us deliver the highest quality and the most stable products to you.  Stay tuned!

All the best,
– Jimmy


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