Announcing WebUI Studio 2011 Roadmap

We’ve recently updated the product roadmap for WebUI Studio 2011 which includes the release plans for all platforms, including ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF.

2010 was a truly remarkable year as we shipped over 240 new and advanced controls to the ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF platforms. It was our most aggressive release ever in our development history – setting the new standards in the component industry. In addition to the new controls, we continually enhanced our flagship ASP.NET controls such as WebGrid, WebScheduler, and WebDesktop. Many thanks to all our customers for the continuous support in every aspect!

We will continue to set the bar high for our 2011 product releases, focusing on advanced data-centric controls and major enhancements to all development platforms, as well as expanding our portfolio with new exciting lineups such as data visualization, reporting, and a multitude of ASP.NET MVC3 controls.

2011 Roadmap Overview

In the 2011 roadmap, we will be strongly focused on advanced line-of-business controls for the Silverlight and WPF platforms. The 2011 R1 theme is "all about data", which means the release will include a wealth of data presentation controls, ranging from an MVVM-ready data grid, data pager, query editor, to a rich scheduler. These new data controls will be built upon ClientUI’s architecture such as commanding, routed events, localization manager and multi-binding; enabling key scenarios such as unified development model across Silverlight and WPF and MVVM design pattern development.

In addition to the data controls, we will continue to deliver innovative UI controls that are essential to your Silverlight/WPF application development. Among these controls are an advanced treeview and an Outlook 2010 style navigation pane. Unlike other treeviews, our treeview control, named UXTreeView, will fully support MVVM design pattern with which you can bind multiple-level of entities. UXTreeView will also support on-demand child loading using MVVM pattern, which means that any child entities that are "lazy loaded" would be automatically reflected to the control’s user interface.

Good news for ASP.NET developers! Our 2011 roadmap will continue to include new and major version of ASP.NET controls, many thanks to our customers for the feedback and support! The first 2010 release will deliver WebCombo 5, a major upgrade to our flagship WebCombo control. It will include many exciting features such as client-side binding, virtual rendering, and easy data access to web services.

In addition to our solid roadmap for the Silverlight and WPF platforms, there are more exciting ASP.NET lineup being planned for the second 2011 milestone, ranging from the new extensions for ASP.NET MVC3 (yep, with Razor view engine support), an improved WebUI Framework for HTML5 and CSS3 support, as well as major release of flagship products.

Needless to say, these new 2011 releases will surely add great and indispensible tools to your development toolbox. The complete details on WebUI Studio 2011 roadmap can be accessed in the Developer Network, read more below.

Release Schedules and More Details

For existing customers, please logon to Intersoft Developer Network using your Intersoft ID to read the complete details about the upcoming products as well as the release schedules. After logged on, bring up the Home window, then click on the link in the Announcement section to open the product roadmap window, see the screenshot below.

Developer Network

For prospect customers who are interested in our 2011 roadmap, please send your email to to request a copy. We’ll send you a copy of NDA to be signed in order to receive the roadmap details.

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