Received Major Content Update

With 240 controls, and counting, ClientUI distinguishes itself as one of the fastest growing Silverlight/WPF suite in the industry – bringing not only an expansive selection of controls, but also plenty of innovative features. serves as the information gateway for developer to learn about its concept, feature, and to discover how its true capabilities help developers build high-performance line-of-business applications faster, easier, and better.

The new content update emphasizes on detailing each control’s key features in simple navigation interface. Controls are divided and grouped (paged) based on the functionality, such as button controls, input controls, advanced input controls, layout panels, and more.

With two sets of navigation interfaces, the left one lets user browse all controls or features of the same category. The bottom box allows user to see all controls and link to them efficiently. Each control explanation is accompanied with an illustrative image and a live sample button so that user can see and test the specific control directly. Media gallery is stuffed with many high-quality graphics of various LoB applications built with ClientUI.

Click here to explore the new content. Kindly post any feedback if you have below, or email me directly at


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