ClientUI for LightSwitch Released

We’re pleased to announce that ClientUI for Visual Studio LightSwitch is now immediately available for download. The release is set together along with Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 launch event today at Microsoft Auditorium. We’re excited to be part of the LightSwitch launch where we brought a live showcase on the LightSwitch controls extension. Check out some of the photos taken during the event.

In this first release, ClientUI for LightSwitch introduces 15+ data entry controls, ranging from masked input, currency editor, date time picker, to slider bar and calendar control. All of these extension controls are built on the top of ClientUI’s mature and rich Silverlight controls, which means you can enable the same set of features in LightSwitch just as easy as you did in Visual Studio or Blend, that is through property sets.

LightSwitch provides two kind of properties customization: screen designer and runtime designer. Both types are fully supported in this release of ClientUI for LightSwitch. See the following screenshots.

Property customization in Screen Designer

The following illustration shows the combined results of the ClientUI extension controls in the LightSwitch application.

ClientUI for LightSwitch

For more information about the product and the controls included in this release, please download ClientUI for LightSwitch Product Sheet (PDF).

Download Now

Click here to download and get started with ClientUI for LightSwitch. Note that you will need Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 RTM and Intersoft ClientUI 5 pre-installed. If you’re not familiar with LightSwitch yet, please take a tour here.

Finally, and the best of all, ClientUI for LightSwitch is offered at no additional costs for all active WebUI Studio Premier and WebUI Studio for Silverlight subscribers. Have fun and enjoy!



4 thoughts on “ClientUI for LightSwitch Released

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  2. Jimmy

    @James: Native extension for UXGridView will be available shortly, although it’s also possible to use UXGridView through custom code initialization. Let me know if you’re interested with the custom code sample.

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