Announcing WebUI Studio 2012 Roadmap

We’ve recently updated the product roadmap for WebUI Studio 2012 which includes the release plans for all platforms, including ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, and beyond.

Flashing back at a glance, 2011 was such an amazing year as we delivered over 160 new and advanced controls to various .NET development platforms. It was one of our most aggressive releases in the past few years. We delivered several extensive line-of-business controls at once – including grid view, schedule view, data controls, reporting viewer for SQL Services, and a multitude of elegant UI controls. In addition, we also shipped Office 2010 style ribbon controls to all .NET platforms (SL, WPF & ASP.NET) in a single release, so you can build rich business ribbon apps with the platform of your choice.

Now with all fundamental data controls delivered, we’re ready to enter the next level of our toolset development. This year’s release theme is strongly focused on data processing and data visualization tools for Silverlight and WPF, as well as emerging platforms like HTML 5 and Windows 8.

One of the exciting upcoming products that our team is hard at work is a new breed of reporting solution for Silverlight and WPF. Built from the ground up with XAML-based report definition and Silverlight’s MVVM architecture, the upcoming ClientUI reporting will enable developers to easily design business reports and define report data source that are completely independent from server. You can expect the best-in-class reporting features including loyalty-free end-user designer, bar code support, and dozens of stunning charts – all packed in a single reporting solution.

Furthermore, this year roadmap will include many enhanced components for ASP.NET platforms, and a host of new data analytical controls for Silverlight and WPF such as Tree List, Pivot Table, Query Editor, as well as new document viewers like PDF Viewer and much more.

As you’re reading this post, you might think that we are completely ignorant to the emerging technologies like HTML 5 and WinRT. I agree that we haven’t covered much about these new stuff, but rest assured our team is watching them closely and will come up with some new stuff in this year’s roadmap. Be sure to check out the complete details in our product roadmap.

Release Schedules and More Details

For existing customers, please logon to Intersoft Developer Network using your Intersoft ID to read the complete details about the upcoming products as well as the release schedules. After logged on, bring up the Home window, then click on the link in the Announcement section to open the product roadmap window.

For prospect customers who are interested in our 2012 roadmap, please send your email to to request a copy. We’ll send you a copy of NDA to be signed in order to receive the roadmap details.


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