March 2012 Hotfix Released

Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of March 2012 product hotfixes for all WebUI Studio editions (ASP.NET, Silverlight 3 – 5, and WPF). Customers are highly recommended to apply the latest hotfixes as they addressed numerous issues and include new enhancements driven by customers’ feedback.

The latest ClientUI build includes several important stability improvements, performance enhancements and addressed numerous memory leaks. UXFileUpload now guarantees uncorrupted results for large data transfer (up to GBs), UXGridView now runs smoother in WPF with full support for context menu and batch update, while UXClock now includes a new AutoUpdateTimeout property which you can customize to improve overall timer performance. Find out more details here.

Hotfixes for ASP.NET flagship products are also delivered in today’s release. WebGrid Enterprise now handles various data format string in a much smarter way, particularly when used in non-US cultures. Naturally, this also includes update to all custom editors for the seamless data format handling. See the complete WebGrid version history here.

In the other hands, WebDesktop hotfix includes many enhancements related to tool bar merging – an innovative feature in WebToolBar that allows a tool bar to merge with other tool bar in different pages. See the complete WebDesktop version history here.

Finally, downloading and installing the latest hotfixes is easy. In case you haven’t aware, simply launch Update Manager from the WebUI Studio program group, click Scan for Updates, check all the available updates and click the Download and Install button. Step-by-step guidance is also available here.

P.S.: If you installed ClientUI hotfix before 3/27/2012, please re-download and re-install the ClientUI hotfix again. The recent upload address several important issues related to the assembly update.



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