Webinar: Building Cross-Platform Native Apps in a Single Codebase with Xamarin and Crosslight

Update; For those of you who missed the webinar, we have uploaded a recording at our YouTube channel.

Xamarin has done a great job of introducing Android and iOS to the C# world. Working closely with Xamarin, we have taken cross-platform mobile development to the next level. Introducing Crosslight, the world’s first platform built on top of Xamarin’s which employs the MVVM design pattern to the mobile world, allowing you to easily and rapidly create native apps across four major platforms with a single application codebase. Supported platforms include iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8.

Achieve spectacular 96% application code reuse.

With powerful data binding features, Crosslight will allow you to develop mobile apps with ease. As Crosslight employs MVVM design pattern, it comes with the highly sophisticated extensible architecture which allows you to create your own services to use in Crosslight-enabled apps. All user interaction logics are now streamlined into the view model, allowing you to share almost 96% of your codebase.

Create amazing apps like a pro with pre-built services.

Built-in mobile services allows access to native features as the camera, telephony, messaging, GPS, browser, media library, and much more, all right from a single call from the view model.

Join us for a webinar on the 13th of February to learn how Crosslight revolutionizes cross-platform mobile development — enabling you to build great native apps across four platforms in dramatically less time with less effort. Click here to register your seat today. Find out more about Crosslight here: http://www.intersoftpt.com/crosslight/.

6 thoughts on “Webinar: Building Cross-Platform Native Apps in a Single Codebase with Xamarin and Crosslight

  1. David De Smet

    I registered and then got an email notification that it was cancelled.

    Now I found out that it wasn’t and totally missed the webinar.

    Is the webinar going to be published online for people who didn’t attend because of the supposed cancellation?


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