Webinar: Building native cross-platform enterprise apps with Crosslight 2

Crosslight 2 introduces new powerful enterprise application framework which includes everything you need to build data-driven apps fast, from remote data retrieval, generating domain models that is shareable in both client and server and much more. Built on top or rock-solid MVVM pattern, Crosslight advanced mobile services cover a wide range of enterprise business scenarios, such as sending push notifications, perform UI-agnostic social network operations, loading data and image asynchronously, and much more. Better yet, Crosslight comes with full Visual Studio integration support and you can build powerful connected apps without leaving your favorite IDE.

Join us for a 3-days webinar starting from 10th – 12th June 2014 to learn how Crosslight 2 empowers you to build gorgeous apps with advanced Crosslight UI and services across four platforms in dramatically less time with less effort. Click here to register your seat today. Find out more about Crosslight here: http://www.intersoftpt.com/crosslight/.

Martin Lie

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