Crosslight 2 Update 2 is here!

As our enduring commitment towards agile development standards and compliance with CMMI Level 5, we’re happy to announce that the second update for Crosslight 2 is here! This update is a maintenance release which includes many new features and significant enhancements to the enterprise application framework and Crosslight core components. It also improves the overall stability for Android’s tab fragment and activity components.

Crosslight now supports batch update in sorted collections, with smooth animations and transitions. Not only that, our APIs are improved with a more modern async calls, which improves response time and usability of your Crosslight applications. Android form builder now also includes a new DateTime picker component that complies to the standard Holo theme. When Android L arrives, don’t worry, the look and feel of your apps will automatically comply to take advantage of the sleek look and feel of the new Android version. By popular demand, iOS now supports content navigation within the master detail component.

Without further ado, head over to our git repository to obtain this update. All Crosslight samples associated to this update have also been merged to the master branch. You can download or clone them here. Also visit our Developer Center for full changelog on this update. Expects more updates rolling out regularly, with more exciting features.

Till next time,
Nicholas Lie


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