Crosslight 2.0 Update 4 is Here!

Crosslight 2.0 Update 4 has arrived with tons of new features! New syncing services with push notifications, major improvements for iOS, stability improvements to Enterprise App Framework, and more. iOS now supports even more buttery-smooth scrolling, automatic dynamic cell height support, automatic aspect ratio calculation in thumbnail, automatic selection persistence in navigation drawer, and more. Check out the full release notes here.

In addition to hotfixes, we’re now updating the Mobile Studio installers for both Mac and Windows on every release (instead of just service pack or major release). With all our deployment processes automatically taken care, we want to make sure you get the latest product bits on every available channel, whether it’s from the update manager, access from your account, or through the trial download site. Furthermore, the new installers now clearly show the version of the Crosslight build to increase visibility of new installer builds.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.26.37 AM-1


If you haven’t downloaded the latest installer, grab it now here! This upgrade is free for all customers with existing subscription.
Nicholas Lie

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