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Create your own specific row context menu on WebGrid

Sometimes users don’t want to use default row context on WebGrid.NET. Some of them prefer to have their own row context menu on WebGrid. This article will show you how to integrate your own WebContextMenu from WebDesktop.NET into WebGrid.NET.

First, you need to create your own WebContextMenu. In this sample I created two WebContextMenu’s named WBContextMenuSR (for Sales Representative) and WBContextMenuSM (for Sales Manager).

Screenshot of WBContextMenuSR (for Sales Representative)

Screenshot of WBContextMenuSM (for Sales Manager)

In this scenario, you need to use OnRowContextMenu client side event in order to show your default context menu and don’t forget to set return false; in order to prevent WebGrid’s default context menu displayed. Here is the sample codes:

var x;
var y;
function show_coords(event)
	else if(IS.moz)
		x = event.clientX + document.body.scrollLeft + document.documentElement.scrollLeft;
		y = event.clientY + document.body.scrollTop + document.documentElement.scrollTop;

function WebGrid1_OnRowContextMenu(controlId, rowType, rowElement, menuObject)
	if(rowElement.cells[6].innerText=="Sales Representative")
		var cm2 = ISGetObject("WBContextMenuSR");
	else if(rowElement.cells[6].innerText=="Sales Manager")
		var cm1 = ISGetObject("WBContextMenuSM");
	return false;

For more detail information, you can download the sample here. Hope this helps. Please feel free to put your comment..:)


Resizing EditingForm’s DialogBox in WebScheduler.NET 2.0

WebScheduler.NET 2.0 already supports Extensibility feature that allows user to extend WebScheduler objects. In many cases, user needs to add several additional fields to the editing form. Due to number of the input controls in the editing form, some of the fields might get hidden the limited width and height (scrollbar will automatically appear in this case). To overcome this issue, you can resize the Editing Form dialog box by implementing OnEditingFormShow client side event. Here is the sample code:

function WebScheduler1_OnEditingFormShow(controlId, action, eventView, eventType, newType)
         var EditingDialogBox = WebScheduler1.EditingDialogBox;
         if (EditingDialogBox.Window!=null)
                  EditingDialogBox.Width = "1000";
                  EditingDialogBox.Height = "600";
         return true;

Feel free to post your feedback or comment.

Hope this helps,

[MissingFieldException]: Field not found:’ISNet.WebUI.ProductInfo.Is2008Product’

We released WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R1 last March, which contains all products included in WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R2, plus 2 new components (WebAqua and WebScheduler). Customers who have purchased WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R2 can obtain the latest build included in WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R1 using Update Manager or My Components in TDN2.
The following error will likely to occur after you apply the new build:

[MissingFieldException]: Field not found:’ISNet.WebUI.ProductInfo.Is2008Product’.

To fix this issue, simply update the WebUI.NET Framework to the latest build (build 559 or higher), which can be obtained from Update Manager or My Components in TDN2. Don’t forget to copy the new assemblies to your project’s bin folder. And last but not least, clear the .NET Temporary Files cache to ensure you have used the latest build version.

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