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Webinar: Building Gorgeous Mobile Apps with Advanced Crosslight UI and Services

We’re very happy to introduce the release of our flagship development toolset for Silverlight and WPF, ClientUI 10. ClientUI 10 has now equipped with powerful enterprise reporting services that allows you to author any kind of reports quickly and easily. What’s also great about the enterprise reporting services is also that the reports are completely viewable in Crosslight applications.

Not only that, push notification services introduced in Crosslight 2 takes away developers’ pain of having to tediously configure the necessary configurations to allow push notifications on their apps. Crosslight 2 has streamlined this process into a single unified entry point, starting from registering the device token to the platform service, receiving the device token back and saving them to the WebAPI database, and much more.

The social networking services also allows developers to perform various social network operations such as authenticating with social networks, getting the user profile info, getting list of friends, sharing content, and much more. What’s great about the social networking services, is that services are completely UI-agnostic. You can design any kind of views to use with our social network services and have them in your application, just the way you want it to be.

Watch as Nicholas introduces you to the integrated enterprise reporting services, how to view the reports on Crosslight apps, push notification services for Crosslight and how to send them across multiple devices. Last but not least, the social network services that allows you to perform various Facebook authentication completely with custom UI.

You can also find the recordings to the first and second day of the webinar, in case you’ve missed them. Also, visit our Developer Center to learn more about Crosslight. It contains hundreds of documentation topics, illustrations, walkthroughs, video tutorials, and more. If you have any questions regarding Crosslight, feel free to open up a new thread at Crosslight community forum.

Nicholas Lie

Webinar: Building Data-Aware Apps with Crosslight Enterprise Framework

Building enterprise apps will almost certainly involves data access. Crosslight aims to be the holistic solution you need to build enterprise mobile apps quickly and easily. Therefore, in this release, Crosslight 2 ships with powerful data access that supports the latest Microsoft techonlogies such as WebAPI 2 and MVC 5. To accelerate your development even further, Crosslight 2 took the extra step of creating entity designer extensions for VIsual Studio 2012 and 2013.  The entity designer extensions allow you to create reusable entity models, entity context, entity controllers, and entity services.

Watch as our Chief Technology Officer, Andry Handoko Soesilo, introduces you to the plethora of data access services such as using the entity designer extensions, explaining the concepts of data synchronization and RESTClient for streamlined data retrieval, creating a simple mobile CRM app complete with incremental loading and pull to refresh, and much more.

Also, visit our Developer Center to learn more about Crosslight. It contains hundreds of documentation topics, illustrations, walkthroughs, video tutorials, and more. If you have any questions regarding Crosslight, feel free to open up a new thread at Crosslight community forum.

Nicholas Lie

Webinar: Crosslight 2 Highlights

Crosslight 1 marks a great start for developers jumping into cross-platform mobile development. Built solid grounds, the MVVM pattern, Crosslight paves the way for extensible, maintainable, scalable, testable, and making your code highly reusable to use on four platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Crosslight 2 introduces an even more comprehensive additions to the powerful toolset to easily create enterprise mobile apps in just a very short time. This includes versatile data access services, beautiful UI components such as the navigation drawer, advanced master detail view, two new templates: business app template and the navigation drawer template. Watch the webinar recording to see how you can leverage Crosslight 2 and take advantage of its powerful features and start developing your own mobile apps today.

Also, visit our Developer Center to learn more about Crosslight. It contains hundreds of documentation topics, illustrations, walkthroughs, video tutorials, and more. If you have any questions regarding Crosslight, feel free to open up a new thread at Crosslight community forum.

Nicholas Lie

Video Tutorials: Using Crosslight Unified Push Notification Services

In my previous blog post, I’ve covered how to create a new business app using the Crosslight Project Wizard. Today, I would like to share how to handle push notifications in Crosslight apps using the new Unified Push Notification Services introduced in recent release. This video will cover push notifications for Crosslight-powered iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications. You will also learn how Crosslight has streamlined all the push notifications intricate processes such as registering the device with the platform store service (App Store, Play Store and Windows Store), obtaining the device token and saving it to the WebAPI database. Without further ado, check out the video below.

You have seen how Crosslight elegantly streamlines and handles push notification-related processes into streamlined entry points. To learn more about this topic, visit our developer center: Handling Push Notifications, which outlines the concepts and architecture of the Crosslight push notifications. If you have any questions, feel free to post it in our community forum, or drop us a mail.

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Nicholas Lie

Video Tutorials: Creating Business App Using Crosslight Project Wizard

In this new v2 release, the Crosslight Project Wizard now sports a powerful business app template that will greatly accelerate your mobile development experience. The business template leverages the Intersoft App Framework, comprehensive use of the RestClient with the repository pattern for streamlined data retrieval, navigation drawer, latest Entity Framework 6 and MVC 5 support, pull-to-refresh, incremental loading and much more.

Check out the video below to learn to see how to take advantage of the new business template in easy-to-understand fashion.

To learn more about Crosslight, visit our new Developer Center. Here you can find comprehensive details on how Crosslight works, complete with illustrated diagrams and design patterns to leverage Crosslight to its maximum potential. Grab a copy of Crosslight and try it today!

Nicholas Lie

Video Tutorials: Extending Crosslight–Creating Custom Presenters in Crosslight Apps

We have released a new, easy-to-understand video tutorial that shows how you can easily extend Crosslight and leverage the sophisticated IoC (injection of container) feature into your application. In this video, we will show how you can create your own custom presenters to integrate into Crosslight-powered solution, all in easy to follow step-by-step tutorial.

You have seen how easy and straightforward it is to customize and extend Crosslight functionalities to match your business process. Imagine how you can unleash your ideas and creativity to implement them across multiple mobile platforms to give the best of user experience.

Using this approach, not only you have the freedom of creating message presenter natively, also a manageable code maintenance, since the caller is a single, centralized call from the view model, with native implementations in each platform. In the next video, I will discuss how you can create your own custom mobile services to use with Crosslight while still leveraging the IoC feature.

You can find the source code for this video at our GitHub: Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos weekly! For more information, visit our site at:

Nicholas Lie

Webinar: Building Cross-Platform Native Apps in a Single Codebase with Xamarin and Crosslight

Update; For those of you who missed the webinar, we have uploaded a recording at our YouTube channel.

Xamarin has done a great job of introducing Android and iOS to the C# world. Working closely with Xamarin, we have taken cross-platform mobile development to the next level. Introducing Crosslight, the world’s first platform built on top of Xamarin’s which employs the MVVM design pattern to the mobile world, allowing you to easily and rapidly create native apps across four major platforms with a single application codebase. Supported platforms include iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8.

Achieve spectacular 96% application code reuse.

With powerful data binding features, Crosslight will allow you to develop mobile apps with ease. As Crosslight employs MVVM design pattern, it comes with the highly sophisticated extensible architecture which allows you to create your own services to use in Crosslight-enabled apps. All user interaction logics are now streamlined into the view model, allowing you to share almost 96% of your codebase.

Create amazing apps like a pro with pre-built services.

Built-in mobile services allows access to native features as the camera, telephony, messaging, GPS, browser, media library, and much more, all right from a single call from the view model.

Join us for a webinar on the 13th of February to learn how Crosslight revolutionizes cross-platform mobile development — enabling you to build great native apps across four platforms in dramatically less time with less effort. Click here to register your seat today. Find out more about Crosslight here: