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2007 products delivered to subscribers

At the time of this post, all subscribers should have received an email containing 2007 product keys. Subscribers should also be able to download the product from Developer Network 2.0.

If you believe that you have active subscription and still do not receive any email so far, please email with your subscription ID.

It’s done.

After the long journey of concepting, extensive research and development, and documenting which took more than two quarters — it’s finally done. The new 2007 platform is here.

WebUI Studio.NET 2007 is just one small part of the entire 2007 Platform Initiatives. This breakthrough 2007 release not only introduces new products with its dozens of revolutionary features. In fact, it resembles the company’s new identity and image, as well as the result of our commitment to deliver a better development tool platform that is completely hassles-free – from installation, licensing, development, to deployment and production.

If you don’t have ideas about what 2007 Platform Initiatives is, here is a great resource. Visit

There are lot of amazing things in this release which I can’t cover in this single post. However, you can discover most of them in the following links:

 Our active subscribers can enjoy this whole new platform with no additional costs. The new products will be sent out to subscribers automatically on Feb 1st, 2007.

All the best,

WebInput.NET 3.0 Wizard at a glance

Hi everyone. My name is Aldy Karna and I’m Intersoft’s senior product developer and this time, I am sharing my excitement on the upcoming WebInput feature.

As a component vendor, our top priority is to deliver cutting-edge product with rich out-of-the-box features which improves your development productivity. This is the main concept behind WebInput’s Wizard, a new time-saving feature which enables you to configure WebInput in step-by-step window.

Despite WebInput’s capability for handling different input types, the configuration is quite complex. You need to learn and understand the concept first. The next challenge is to tangle with hundreds of properties and find the one that you need to set.

The new Wizard is designed to complement the existing Designer by providing the easiest way to step up your WebInputs. For example: you are creating a registration form with multiple fields. The Wizard lets you quickly add multiple WebInput, each with different setting. Later, you can use the Designer to fine tune each control.

Here is a shot on the new Wizard.

Wizard screenshoot

There are 6 main functionality of WebInput that are represented by Wizard. Each function has each own settings and each own step configuring in WebInput. Therefore we built this Wizard so user can be easily understood.

Simple input
Input simple data likes arbitrary text (alphabet, number, symbol, punctuation) without formatting and validation rules. WebInput is already to use as simple input as soon as you drag it from toolbox to page. No need to setting anything. There are a few settings for simple input to customize but they are optional too likes empty value as null, accept null value, read only mode, etc. This type of Webinput is usually used for input simple text data like address, city, region, country, notes, etc.

Password input
Input data as a password data. When users input a character, its visualisation is replaced to ‘*’ character. There are no formatting and no validation rules. Like simple input, you don’t need to customize anything and customizing some settings are optional. This type of WebInput is usually used only password data.

Datetime free input
Input date time data. When users input data, there is no formatting and validation. The formatting and validation are applied after the WebInput control losts focus. There is also a datetime editor for this type. This type is usually used when user want to input datetime value in arbitrary format (but still valid format for selected culture info). Commonly, user will input datetime value in universal format “MM-dd-yyyy”. There is also a datetime editor that can be used for this type. This type is rarely used in real application but still we develop it for larger WebInput customers.

Masked datetime input
Input date time data. This is the opposite of datetime free input. The formatting and validations are applied when users input data. There is also a datetime editor for this type. Probably the most useful and common function from WebInput. With this type, you can validate datetime input with masking expression that you built. Not only validate by syntax but also semantically (for valid date in a month, for month name, for leap years and so on) when user input the data. There is also a datetime editor that can be used for this type.

Numeric input
Input number and currency data. When user input data, there is no formatting and validation. The formatting and validation are applied after the WebInput control lost focus. There is also a calculator editor for this type.

Masked input
Input custom data such as phone number, social security number, zip code, and extension. There is a validation and restriction when user input data.

Ok, that is for now.


2007 Documentation Announcement

Some of you may notice that WebUI Studio.NET 2007 Release Candidate has been released and is now available to be downloaded. However, you may notice missing images when you open WebDesktop v2.0 documentation. Well, it seems that the images are not being uploaded to the installer. But the issue has been fixed now. Hence, please re-download the latest installer to get the latest fixed documentation for all components.


WebUI Studio.NET 2007 RC is now available.

WebUI Studio.NET 2007 Release Candidate is now available to our existing customers for download. This RC version is our last beta version and already has the final set features, optimized performance and completed samples as well as finalized documentation.

This RC version is provided for our beta testers who gave feedbacks on bugs/issues that submitted during the previous beta. Customers are encouraged to download this RC bits to preview the final version of WebUI Studio.NET 2007.

For what’s new and notes related to this release, please read the RC Notes. Make sure you check out the new WebGrid designer and our much revamped documentation.

As we have announced in our website, we’re ready to go for RTM on Jan 29th, 2007. Get ready and stay tuned…



WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1 Beta 2 is now available.

We are excited to announce the release of WebUI Studio.NET 2007 second beta. This release contains numerous bug fixes and significant enhancements to WebGrid.NET Enterprise 5.0 and ISDataSource such as strong support for third party object layer (eg, Hibernate, XPO).

We have also implemented top-requested enhancements such as ability to add server-side controls to the cell via template editing and server-side RowChanged event. The RowChanged event is compatible with ASP.NET AJAX, so that you can perform AJAX Update on other controls in the page using server-side programming.

What makes this second beta release really interesting is the included “complete feature-sets” of WebDesktop.NET 2.0. There are dozens of new visual styles — as our new year present for you :), and check out the new Office 2007 style’s desktop manager. The WebDesktop.NET 2.0 components have also been improved to better support MasterPage scenario.

Besides the user interface stuff in WebDesktop – well, this is a good news for AJAX fanatics – our AJAX Manager (known as FlyPostBackManager) now supports automatic partial updating on WebGrid, WebCombo, and the rest components in our Suite.

What’s more – We have included over 500 live samples for the entire components in the Suite, including the new feature samples of WebDesktop.NET 2.0.

If you haven’t download beta 2 bits, I suggest you to download now and play around with it. You may want to read Beta 2 Notes before you choose to install this beta.

Enjoy and welcome to the new quality, the revitalized Intersoft Solutions.


HotFix and New Installer for WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1 Beta

We found out that the WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1 Beta release [20.12.2006] has an issue with WebDesktop’s Component Designer.

We have fix this issue and upload the new installer that containing the fix. You can download the new installer from Developer Network 2.0 / My Component > Beta.

If you already install the WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1 Beta release [20.12.2006] please do the following steps :

1. Download the fix :
2. Extract it to your computer
3. Open C:\Windows\Assembly
4. Find ISNet.WebUI.Editor.v4 and delete it
5. Drag and Drop the new ISNet.WebUI.Editor.v4 to C:\Windows\Assembly
6. Start your VS2005

This should fix the WebDesktop’s designer issue.