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Integrate WebSpellChecker to ASP.NET Controls

In addition to its easy integration with our own WebTextEditor, WebSpellChecker can also be used to target standard ASP.NET controls such as simple textbox, multiline textarea as well as IFRAME. Similar to the WebTextEditor integration, using WebSpellChecker with ASP.NET controls is very easy and requires no coding at all.

To use WebSpellChecker in standard ASP.NET controls, simply pay attention on these two properties, TargetControlId and TargetControlIdValue. The properties are explained in the following.

  • TargetControlId
    This property is required to determine the target control for spell check.For instance, TargetControlId should be filled with “TextBox1” value if you would like to spell check on TextBox1 control.
  • TargetControlIdValue
    This property determines the client-side property of the element from which WebSpellChecker should obtain the value for spell check. It’s important to note that the value or content property should be accessible from client-side.For instance, if WebSpellChecker is targetting TextBox server side control, then the TargetControlIdValue property should be set to “value” instead of “Text”.

When WebSpellChecker is not integrated to WebTextEditor or editable IFrame, it will use the built-in DialogBox interface instead of “red wave underline highlight” mode. For further information about WebSpellChecker interface mode, you can find read the detail explanation in here.

To integrate WebSpellChecker to a ASP.NET TextBox, please follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Drag and drop ASP.NET TextBox control and TextBox control with ID’s TextBox1 will appear.
  2. Drag and drop HTML Button control and Button control with the ID’s Button1 will appear. This button is used to start the spell checking from TextBox’s value.
  3. Drag and drop Intersoft WebSpellChecker control and WebSpellChecker control with ID’s WebSpellChecker1 will appear.
  4. Set WebSpellChecker’s TargetControlId to TextBox1 and TargetControlIdValue to value.
  5. Attach onclick client side event to Button1 and set it to CheckSpell function.
    <input id=”Button1″ type=”button” value=”button” onclick=”CheckSpell()” /><script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”>
    function CheckSpell()
    var sp = ISGetObject(“WebSpellChecker1”);
  6. Integration is finished.

The above sample can be found here. Other samples about WebSpellChecker and the explanation can be found in Intersoft’s live sample.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to post your questions in Intersoft Forums.

Best Regards,
Budianto Muliawan