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March 2009 CTP of Intersoft Presenter and DataSource is now available

We have received numerous of feedback on the Feb’09 CTP and we thank you for spending your precious time testing our CTP and share your valuable opinions with us. March 2009 CTP is now available thanks to you. It is now ready for download in the same intersoftpt.com/ctp page.

Here is what’s new in March 2009 CTP:

  • Advanced data grouping capability.
    Unlike the standard grouping behavior, Intersoft Presenter offers unique grouping behavior aligned to its “Everything is synchronized” concept. This means user can perform advanced grouping in one view and switch to other views without losing the grouping state. User can also perform multiple grouping and combine it with various sort directions in each grouped column.
  • Client-side paging and filtering.
    As the name implies, this feature enables paging and filtering operation to be carried out with all data loaded in the client-side. The result is super responsive and intuitive application which your user will certainly love.
  • Server-side paging
    Similar to client-side paging and filtering concept, the server-side paging handles the operation n the server-side through the declarative data source, for example Intersoft’s AstoriaDataSource. You can enable the paging operation in a very minimal line of code.
  • Built-in data drilling.
    Data drilling is one of the most requested futures to enable user slash and cut through all complexly related tables and view the specific information easily. With the out-of-the-box data drilling capability, you can deliver a data drilling Silverlight application within minutes.
  • Hybrid data drilling
    Hybrid data drilling combines the built-in data drilling feature and the multiple hybrid view concepts. It enables user to perform deep drill down and view it in various view ports. You can easily add any presenter views as the child views easily.
  • Advanced data caching mechanism.
    The key of data caching mechanism in Intersoft DataSource is to deliver robust and more responsive Silverlight application by caching the retrieved data and keep it in the client-side. When the same data is requested again, the cached copy of the data is fed into.

You can view the complete news about “What’s new in March 2009 CTP?”

Andry Handoko Soesilo has written a new getting started guide for the March 2009 CTP. These guides are intended for conceptual introduction, easy implementation, and technical discussion of Intersoft Presenter and DataSource.

I hope you enjoy our March 2009 CTP. Please continue to voice your opinion and share your idea with us.

Best regards,