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New Database Wizard In WebScheduler 3

Stepping-up to version 3, WebScheduler introduces “WebScheduler Database Wizard”, an automatic tool for WebScheduler’s database creation. Forget all the hassles of creating each table and field, you can now create a new WebScheduler database with standard fields with a flick of finger. By simply specifying the SQL Server name and the database name, WebScheduler database wizard automatically generates the database. Next is to bind it to a WebScheduler instance in Visual Studio.

To get started, right click on a WebScheduler instance and select “WebScheduler Database Wizard” option to use this embedded tool.

Follow the onscreen instruction below to quickly create your new WebScheduler SQL database.

Database name drop down list
When the connection to the designated SQL Server has been successfully established, simply specify a new database by typing the name on the textbox. Alternatively, you can select one of the existing databases from the drop down list. Press “Create” and all required tables for WebScheduler with standard fields will be created automatically.

“Get SQL Script” button.
The database wizard also provides a more advanced option to generate the SQL script for the tables definition. The SQL script is primarily useful if you would like to customize the fields definition or add more fields to the table. Simply click on the Get SQL Script button to obtain the complete SQL statements and easily apply it in your own database, for example a Microsoft Access database.

The following screenshot shows the result of T-SQL compatible script.

Note that there are 2 options for the script definition; “MS SQL Compatible” and “MS Access Compatible”. You can choose the one that suit your preferred database provider.

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