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Detail Box Paging in WebScheduler

In previous version of WebScheduler, detail box will be displayed when you click More in Month view. In the latest version, detail box is also used in other views (Day, Week, and Split views) when client paging is enabled. In Day, Week, and Split views, detail box will be displayed when users click paging arrow indicator in hour area.

Detail box will adjust its height based on the number of events that occurs in the event block. If there is a lot of event, it is easier and more convenient to enable paging in the detail box.

To enable paging in detail box, simply set LayoutSettings >> EnableDetailBoxPaging property to True. The page size can be specified in LayoutSettings >> DetailBoxPageSize property, which by default is set to 5. This means the detail box will hold maximum 5 events on every page. Note that when detail box paging is enabled, all views that uses detail box will use the configuration.

Detail Box Paging