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WebUI Studio for Visual Studio 2012 is here!

The wait is over – the highly anticipated WebUI Studio 2012 SP1 release is now available for download. Grab your copy here.

As mentioned in my recent posts, the new service pack release includes full support for Visual Studio 2012 which updates all 40+ component designers to adhere the Visual Studio UX guidelines. In addition, this release has been optimized for Windows 8 as well as support for Internet Explorer 10. For details, check out my post here.

Even more, the new service pack ships dozens of new features and major performance improvements to the Silverlight and WPF controls, ranging from the ribbon controls, all variants of selection controls, smoother animation in expandable group box, attribute-based licensing mechanism, and much more. For complete details, make sure you check out the Release Notes document once the service pack is installed successfully.

Help Integration in Visual Studio 2012

In addition to a host of designer-related enhancements, this new release also automatically plug all products documentation into Help Viewer 2.0 which shares the modern Visual Studio interface. The look and feel of the documentation content has been updated as well to share the same metaphor, see the shot below.

Help integration in Visual Studio 2012

Everything you need is here. And whenever you need help, simply press F1 and locate the topics in the new Help Viewer.

More details on Visual Studio 2012

Along with this release, we’re pleased to introduce a new page dedicated to Visual Studio 2012 which contains related information and resources. Check it out at intersoftpt.com/vs2012.

Last but not least, enjoy (Visual + WebUI) Studio 2012! Here’s the download link again in case you missed it.

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Coming up: Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 and IE 10 Support

We started out the first WebUI Studio 2012 release with dozens of new enhancements and exciting features including full HTML5 doctype support in our flagship ASP.NET controls such as WebGrid and WebCombo. The 2012 R1 was released last month, you can check out the complete what’s new list here.

In this post, I wanted to share our plans for the upcoming WebUI Studio updates. In particular, we’re excited to be part of Visual Studio 2012 sim-ship partner. This means that we will release a WebUI Studio update within 30 days of the Visual Studio 2012 release.

Visual Studio 2012 Support

All WebUI Studio components will support Visual Studio 2012 when it arrives in the next few weeks. This includes the ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF suite. All designer extensions for Visual Studio will be enhanced to support Visual Studio 2012, including the toolbox, Metro-style component designer and icons, as well as the prebuilt project templates and project wizards.

See the screen preview of the designer support below for the ASP.NET controls.

WebGrid and ISDataSource in Visual Studio 2012

For Silverlight and WPF, most of the designer extensions such as adorners, context menu, and region services will continue to work in Visual Studio 2012. See the preview below.

ClientUI 7 in Visual Studio 2012

Windows 8 and IE 10 Support

Earlier last month, Windows 8 has reached the Release Preview milestone which also includes a significant update to its Windows Internet Explorer browser. The IE 10 Release Preview includes great improvements to the parsing rules to make HTML5 “just work” in the same way across browsers. However, there are several implications and trade-off due to the improvements. One of the implications is the removal of legacy features, including the conditional comments, element behaviors and XML data islands.

The removal of XML data islands caused several breaking changes since it’s used extensively in our ASP.NET tools. The next update of WebUI Studio will address the XML parsing changes and include full support for IE 10 in both desktop and Metro mode. These changes will not require any efforts in the customer’s code.

The following screen preview shows WebGrid 8 running on the IE 10 Metro standards mode.

WebGrid 8 running in IE 10 Metro