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Crosslight 2.3 Adds Cross Platform Localization Service and Major Stability Improvements

We are truly excited to announce that the ultimate cross-platform development toolset now sports even more features and stability updates. This new service pack update includes a new localizable business template, over 50+ item templates for Visual Studio, dynamic localization service, new template definitions for iOS, major stability updates for Android, support for application-wide single sign-on, and much more.

The Crosslight Project Wizard now includes an additional and noteworthy template, which is the localizable business template. The new localizable business template allows you to change the language of the application dynamically at runtime, thanks to the dynamic localization service. If automatic language is set, when the device’s language is set to the one supported by the application, then the language changes automatically. However, you can also force an application to use a specific language of your choice, regardless of the language setting used by the device. The following screenshots show the improved Crosslight Project Wizard and the running app respectively.

New Crosslight Project Wizard

banner-developer-crosslight2-update-eng-jap-narrow copy

We have also shipped more than 50 templates for Visual Studio, ranging for variety of projects, this includes, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and shared Core project. The templates itself is clear and concise, with instructions inside each template on how to use it. Your development process will be significantly accelerated since you can now quickly add common Crosslight items to your project. Say goodbye to the tedious, error-prone copy and paste.

2 copy

In addition, Crosslight for Android platform has received major stability improvements, including the support of Xamarin.Android.Support.v4 library, revamped overall lifecycle, elegant rotation handling to ensure that view state is restored without performance degradation, improved tab caching, and reliability of the Android services, such as camera service, location service, social services, and more.

So far, we’ve only touched the surface of what’s revamped in this SP1 release. For a complete list of the updates, make sure you check out the Crosslight 2.3 release notes in our Developer Center page.

All the installers on our site have also been updated to reflect the new bits. Of course, this update is free of charge for customers with existing subscription for Mobile Studio or Premier Studio. Click here to sign in and access your downloads. If you haven’t tried Crosslight today, request a trial now and see how Crosslight transform the way you build cross-platform apps entirely.

Last but not last, we hope you enjoy Crosslight as much as we love building it! Stay tuned for our upcoming video tutorials and hands-on guide to apply these exciting features in your apps!

Nicholas Lie

Intersoft Premier Studio 2014 is here!

Today, we’re very excited to deliver our most anticipated release yet. Shipping over 200 new features and a multitude of enhancements across all 7 platforms, the new 2014 release is our latest masterpiece dedicated to all our customers worldwide. Thank you for all your feedback and support! You can download the new 2014 product bits here.

In addition to new products, this release also marks several important launches for new kind of services that we’ve been working on these past months. In this blog post, I will share some key highlights of the new products and services.

Premier 2014 Highlights

As planned in our roadmap, the Premier 2014 is strongly focused on Crosslight 2, a major release of our development tools for cross-platform mobile development. Building on solid architecture on top of Microsoft and Xamarin technologies, Crosslight 2 features a vast array of powerful components and services that makes cross-platform enterprise apps development truly a breeze.

Some key highlights of the new features in Crosslight 2 are the comprehensive data access services which cover most data access strategies typically used in mobile apps. You can now easily display data from a remote source and update them back through REST service. Alternatively, you can also load data from a local database which is supported through our advanced SQLite API. Or even better, you can combine both strategies and use two-way synchronization service to sync offline and server changes seamlessly. Best of all, everything can be programmed in the shared ViewModel with just a few line of code. Strictly no tedious platform-specific code is required.

Crosslight 2 ships 200+ new features including frameworks, services and UI components across all platforms.

Crosslight 2 ships 200+ new features including frameworks, services and UI components across all platforms.

Of course, there are still a lot of great features that you should try yourself, from social network integration, unified push notifications, async image loader, pull-to-refresh, to advanced master-detail UI component and sophisticated drawer navigation. Keep in mind that all these features are fully supported on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Click here to find out more.

ClientUI for Silverlight and WPF, now upgraded to v10, includes dozens of new features for the Reporting lineup. It now comes with over 150 beautiful, professionally-designed report samples. And you’re really going to love this: the report viewer for Crosslight is also shipped in this release. So yup, you can now build some great apps and let users view reports on-the-go. Learn more about the new ClientUI Reporting here.

ClientUI Reporting Samples

Beautiful, professional-designed report samples are now available for your references.

ASP.NET product lineup also receives great improvements. Your web apps should run much faster with the enhanced ASP.NET components, thanks to the much reduced Javascript files, now 40% smaller than the previous version. This improvement applies to all 40+ components, so you can enjoy significantly faster and more responsive web apps.

Introducing Intersoft Developer Center

At Intersoft, we strived to create and release only the best-quality products. But, great products without comprehensive documentation isn’t so great. That said, we’re so excited to announce the launch of our new developer-centric portal where you can now find comprehensive documentation of our products, all in a single, intuitive web interface.

Comprehensive developer-focused content in an intuitive web interface lets you conveniently learn and master Intersoft's products.

Comprehensive developer-focused content in an intuitive web interface lets you conveniently learn and master Intersoft’s products.

Unlike other help platforms, our Developer Center is designed with an advanced integrated workflow that allows truly agile product release cycle. Documentation API is automatically published in realtime with each class and member seamlessly linked to the conceptual topics, slashing two third of the time compared to our previous release workflow. You can also watch for certain pages you are interested in, and get updates when the pages are updated.

In this launch, the Crosslight product documentation in the new Developer Center is officially released. You will find in-depth conceptual topics, sample code, videos, learning resources, and much more. Visit Intersoft Developer Center now.

Introducing Intersoft Git Server

When downloading our new product setup, you will notice significantly smaller download size. The mobile studio is now only 65 MB, down from 110 MB. Due to our improved agile workflows which emphasize on shorter release cycle and efficient delivery , the setup no longer include offline samples.

The good news is that we now have a better place to host all our fast-evolving product samples. Introducing Intersoft’s own enterprise-grade Git server, you can easily find new code and samples right from your browser. Even better, if you’re familiar with Git, you can simply open the terminal or command prompt, then clone the sample projects in a single command.

Easily browse samples from Intersoft's online code repository

Easily browse samples from Intersoft’s online code repository

With the new Git server, this also marks an important breakthrough in the way we release our products. With our recent transition to an advanced GitFlow working model, you can easily find out what features we are working on, and what new samples we are currently preparing. You can easily switch branch and get yourself the latest development bits to give it a try.

More importantly, we are now starting to adopt open-source initiatives to contribute back to the our customers and community. Our first open-source project is the Crosslight enterprise app framework which provides design pattern, reusable libraries and best practices for building enterprise apps rapidly. In addition, code samples for technical support will now be published — all hosted in the new Git Server. Click here to visit Intersoft Git server, and here for the instructions to get started with Crosslight samples hosted on the Git server.

Update 5/12/2014: Please download the recently updated installer which includes a number of improvements made to the Crosslight Project Wizard such as automatic web server detection for business template and improved overall experience.

What’s Next

More exciting Crosslight reference samples will be made available soon. You can also expect series of blogs and tutorial videos discussing the new features available in Crosslight 2. Also, stay tuned for our upcoming webinar.

Last but not least, I hope you enjoyed our new products and the comprehensive, much improved services. Again, if you have not started your download, click here to get the new bits right now.


Introducing the New Team Developer in Intersoft Web

Last year, we successfully redesigned our website and brought account management together in a single, authentic Intersoft experience. Today, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve completed a major milestone in our roadmap to migrate Developer Network to the main Intersoft’s website which features greater usability and latest web standards support such as HTML5 and CSS3.

Introducing the all-new, redesigned Team Developer, you can now easily manage the licenses for your developer team, create new company account for your team, assign and remove subscriptions for your team, and quickly review the summary of your licenses such as the total and occupied licenses. Now, you can also see your account and license information through mobile, so you don’t have to question on its portability. Finally, you can also delegate the Developer Manager role to someone in your team, if you prefer.

Let’s tour the new Team Developer!

Team and Licenses Management Simplified.

The all-new Team Management is now fully integrated to the Intersoft Account portal under the Team tab which can be easily enabled if you’ve purchased multiple licenses. It features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that conforms to Intersoft’s aesthetic standards, allowing you to conveniently manage your licenses and team developers in a much streamlined interface.

With just a button click, you can easily add your developer into the team, or remove them as they’re no longer in charge. You’ll be presented with a new account dialog – now revamped with only important fields in cleaner interface, such as shown below.

Register New Developer

Once registered, the Team Management smartly detect available licenses that can be assigned to the new member. You can  now simply check the subscriptions or individual licenses, and tap the Assign button to finish. It’s that easy – see the following illustration.

Prompted to Assign license copy

Streamlined Corporate Info Management.

If you have not registered as Developer Manager, you will need to enable your account as Developer Manager and setup corporate information before you can add members to your team. Setting up the corporate information is now easy and painless – thanks to the clean, intuitive form design which now shows only relevant fields. The new corporate information screen can be seen below.

Developer Manager

As seen in the above illustration, you can delegate the developer manager role to the other registered team member if you prefer. However, once you delegated the role, you are no longer able to manage the Team Developer as you are no longer the ‘Developer Manager’.

In the last section of the page, you can now easily review the ‘License Summary’ which shows information the total licenses that you have under your team. The summary will also show the amount of available and occupied licenses. This will help you in distributing the licenses effectively among the members.

As you see above, the new Team Developer features incredibly intuitive user experience with modern look and feel. Everything is thoughtfully designed – from the icons, styles, and layout. You can easily add product or remove it by simply hover on the item in the list.

In this redesign, a lot of unnecessary and tedious steps have been removed. Our goal is to make it easy and simple for you to manage your account and licenses for your development team. I hope you loved the new Team Developer as much as we love building it.

Intersoft Studio 2013 SP1 Features Visual Studio 2013, IE 11, and Many Major Updates

We are very excited to announce the release of our latest and greatest toolset for .NET development, which have reached SP1 milestone. Our ASP.NET controls are now updated with full Internet Explorer 11 and Visual Studio 2013 support, running on both designer and runtime environment. Project templates for Crosslight are now updated with latest PCL support, as well as Crosslight-enabled navigation drawer controls are now fully supported in both Android and iOS platforms. The Mobile Studio Installer for Mac is also updated to really get you jump quickly on the mobile development train. Read on.

Full Internet Explorer 11 and Visual Studio 2013 Support

Users running Microsoft’s latest internet browser can now rest assured knowing that our controls consisted in WebUI Studio for ASP.NET lineups, such as WebCombo, WebDesktop, WebEssentials, WebGrid, WebInput, WebScheduler, WebTextEditor and WebTreeView are now updated with full Internet Explorer 11 support, as well as support for designer and runtime support in Visual Studio 2013.

WebScheduler Design

WebScheduler Runtime

Full PCL Support for Visual Studio 2013 and Xamarin Studio on Mac

Since Xamarin announced full PCL support, we have also updated our time-saving templates to fully comply with the latest PCL standard, ensuring smooth operations on all supported IDEs across Windows and Mac: Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013, Xamarin Studio for Windows and Xamarin Studio for Mac. You can rest assured knowing that your projects will flawlessly support PCL on .NET Framework 4.0 upwards.

Crosslight running on Visual Studio 2012.

Visual Studio 2012 Compatible - 1

Crosslight running on Visual Studio 2013.

Visual Studio 2013 Compatible - 3

Crosslight running on Xamarin Studio for Windows.

Xamarin Studio on Windows

Crosslight running on Xamarin Studio for Mac.

Xamarin Studio PCL

New Navigation Drawer Samples

As navigation drawer becomes a standard design pattern for mobile apps, we realize it is necessary to create Crosslight-enabled navigation drawers that runs on two of the world’s most most popular platform: iOS and Android. Designed with intuitive navigation interface that conforms to each platform’s UI guidelines, the navigation drawer is guaranteed to give you greater control over your apps that allows more complex navigation features. Check out our previous post that outlines the Crosslight-enabled navigation drawer experience in detail.

Jump-start Your Development on Mac

Our Mobile Studio installer for Mac now supports streamlined Mobile Studio installation as well as automatic installation of Xamarin platforms. During the installation, Mobile Studio installer now intelligently detects whether Xamarin platforms are installed and completely removes the technical difficulties for you to jump-start native cross-platform mobile development using Crosslight.

Streamlined Xamarin Installation - 1

Streamlined Xamarin Installation - 2

If you’re still unsure, we have provided a video that outlines the process clearly and you’ll be wondering why do we even make the video in the first place.

Wrapping Up

As a leading .NET component provider in the industry, we always strive to keep up with the latest Microsoft technologies, providing you with versatile components to speed up your development time so that you can ship your apps faster to market. You can get these exciting features by downloading our latest installer from the account portal. Existing customers will automatically entitled for auto upgrade, whilst if you are interested, contact us at sales@intersoftpt.com or visit our site for complete licensing schemes.

See you on the next post,

Nicholas Lie

The new Intersoft Studio 2013 is here!

Finally, the wait is over! We’re very excited to announce the new Intersoft Studio 2013 release today. You can start your download here. I strongly suggest you to take a few minutes to read the press release which includes a number of important announcements – such as the Intersoft’s branding and edition changes as we’re expanding our portfolio to new market segments. You can also discover new products that are released in this milestone, and several new joint product bundles that are made available through collaboration with our partners.

Despite of the two-month delay, we trusted that the 2013 release truly worth the wait. It’s a commit of nearly 15 months of extensive research and development, putting together everything we do best across the existing lineups – from ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF – to the new mobile development lineup. We’re pleased to announce our first version of Mobile Studio which marks a truly important milestone in our roadmap. Next, we also delivered the new Reporting lineup which is a huge addition to the existing Silverlight and WPF portfolio. Furthermore, we did not skip the ASP.NET lineup – four major upgrades are introduced in this release, making the mark of HTML5 support on all existing ASP.NET components.

On the much awaited Mobile Studio, we’re very excited to complete the first milestone which includes comprehensive cross-platform development toolset supporting four leading mobile platforms at once – iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. We’ve successfully unified the development experiences on both Mac and Windows which enable you to work with a single solution on both operating systems without worrying the references or compatibility issues. And for the first time in our release history, we shipped the most comprehensive product guide consisted of 300 pages covering the best practices, walkthroughs and concepts for building highly scalable enterprise mobile apps. We also shipped nearly 150 samples across all the four platforms. And yes, we now provided installers for both Windows and Mac OS, so you can start building great apps with the environment and tools you love the most.

The following screenshots show the three installer options available starting from the 2013 release. The first is the Mobile Studio for Mac, while the second and third is the installer for Windows. While most customers who build ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF and mobile apps will likely choose the Premier installer, developers targeting mobile-only platforms will find the new Mobile Studio installer more compelling.

Mobile Studio for Mac OS

Premier Studio for Windows

Mobile Studio for Windows

You’ll also appreciate the time-saving Crosslight Project Wizard for Visual Studio 2012 which lets you create Crosslight-enabled solution in a single click away. We shipped four project templates with customized themes/layout that you can easily choose from the Wizard. And suddenly, you can simply press F5 in Visual Studio and see native mobile apps in action. In few minutes time, you can already start building your own business mobile apps and show it off to your users. Too good to be true? We heard that, and it’s time to proof it yourself. Find out more information about Crosslight here.


In addition to many new exciting product lineups, the 2013 release also ships redesigned ASP.NET live samples and hundreds of new features and enhancements across existing lineups. For details, please check out What’s new in Premier Studio 2013.

Beyond product launches, the 2013 release puts together massive branding, identity and market positioning changes to the company in holistic way. The WebUI Studio Premier branding is no longer relevant as we’re entering the mobile segment now. As such, I’m pleased to announce the new Intersoft Premier Studio. These changes, along with the brand-new Mobile Studio joining the board, exhibits fundamental adjustment to all our infrastructure such as licensing, packaging, and online store. This leads to new direction and redesign to the company’s logo – as well as complete website revamp to deliver an authentic Intersoft’s user experiences to our customers.

Intersoft Website Redesign, New Store Experience, and more

Along with the website redesign of over hundreds of pages, we also introduced new Intersoft Account portal which unifies the Intersoft ID with the Intersoft Social ID. So, instead of logging into two different sites, you can now just sign into a single Intersoft Account portal and access your licenses, download the licensed products, review purchase history, print invoice, and access to your support and forum activities. Experience it yourself, head to the new Intersoft home as your starting point, then try signing into Intersoft Account portal, or visit 2013 Tour to check out the new release.

Intersoft's new Account Portal

In summary, a lot of energy has been put to make this release happen – from the development team to the designer and marketing team – doing their best to make great products. We’d like to thanks all our customers and partners who have contributed valuable feedback and thoughts to make the 2013 release the most impactful release ever.

Last but not least, enjoy the new Intersoft experiences, and download your copy of the new Studio here.  We hope you love the new 2013 Studio as much as we love building it!