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ClientUI 8 Goes RTM with Redesigned Live Samples

Finally, the wait is over! The new WebUI Studio 2012 R2 release is here with tons of new exciting tools and templates that will surely boost up your development productivity. Despite of the slight delay, I trust the new release worth the wait. First off, we don’t just release new controls to add to your toolbox, we also ship a number of new templates to help you quickly getting started with your projects. Furthermore, we’ve added over 175 new technical samples and over 75 new reference samples – all with brand-new look and feel and completely redesigned user experiences. With these inspiring samples, we wanted to help you unleash your big ideas and creativity and take them to the next level.

Alright, before we gone too far, here are some important links that you’ll need for this new release.

All-new, Completely Redesigned Live Samples.

In addition to many new controls we shipped in this release, we’re pleased to announce the all-new ClientUI live samples with completely redesigned user interface. It’s now featuring larger screen real estate, clean and modern design that allows one to focus better on content, and more intuitive navigation. And for the first time since its first debut 4 years ago, all controls now perform 70% faster than before – thanks to the continuous performance tuning and memory usage optimization.

More importantly, the new live samples puts some of the new R2 controls in action, so you can see how they can be leveraged in your own apps. I’m particularly referring to the new breadcrumb navigation control which completely redefines the overall navigation experiences. Combining hybrid address bar and menu functionality into an elegant user interface, you can now perform navigation in a simple “point-and-click” manner. Let’s take a look at the overview of the redesigned live samples below.

Introducing the all-new ClientUI live samples

And because we loved this intuitive navigation control so much, we decided to release it as a standalone reusable control to our valued customers. Feel free to unleash your big ideas and make it work your own way. Desktop application developers may rejoice! The navigation control is also available in WPF version, so you can be the first to build Windows 8 Explorer style business applications! We also shipped a WPF project template that leverages this versatile navigation control. More on that later.

In addition to the intuitive navigation, you can notice a whole new user experience that our designer team have put into this new live samples, for instances, it sports the improved CoverFlow with realistic depth shadow, better coverage on What’s New and Featured section – thanks to the fluid design allowing you to see more items in larger screen and adapts to reduced items in smaller screen.

Fluid design and improved CoverFlow

And now to the core part, the entire sample canvas has been revamped as well. Unnecessary toolbars and buttons are gone, fancy gradients are wiped out, options and other navigation elements are centralized to a collapsible pane. Embracing on the modern design, it’s now possible for us to create beautiful, full-screen user experience. See the following screenshot for details.

Experience beautiful, full-screen samples.

Enough said, visit the new ClientUI live samples now and experience it for yourself.

In this blog post, I only scratched the surface of the new exciting stuff that we delivered in this release. We’re fully passionate about design and user experiences that balance very well with functionality – and we carefully put that into the engineering process. That said, you can find that all our controls are engineered with thoughtful user experiences, in addition to the rich features and functionalities of course – that’s what sets us apart from other products in the market.

Last but not least, enjoy WebUI Studio 2012 R2! Hopefully this release comes just in time, so you can play around it now and make some planning for your big ideas in the next year. Again, here’s the link to download in case you haven’t done so, and make sure you check out the complete what’s new list here.

All the best,

WebUI Studio for Visual Studio 2012 is here!

The wait is over – the highly anticipated WebUI Studio 2012 SP1 release is now available for download. Grab your copy here.

As mentioned in my recent posts, the new service pack release includes full support for Visual Studio 2012 which updates all 40+ component designers to adhere the Visual Studio UX guidelines. In addition, this release has been optimized for Windows 8 as well as support for Internet Explorer 10. For details, check out my post here.

Even more, the new service pack ships dozens of new features and major performance improvements to the Silverlight and WPF controls, ranging from the ribbon controls, all variants of selection controls, smoother animation in expandable group box, attribute-based licensing mechanism, and much more. For complete details, make sure you check out the Release Notes document once the service pack is installed successfully.

Help Integration in Visual Studio 2012

In addition to a host of designer-related enhancements, this new release also automatically plug all products documentation into Help Viewer 2.0 which shares the modern Visual Studio interface. The look and feel of the documentation content has been updated as well to share the same metaphor, see the shot below.

Help integration in Visual Studio 2012

Everything you need is here. And whenever you need help, simply press F1 and locate the topics in the new Help Viewer.

More details on Visual Studio 2012

Along with this release, we’re pleased to introduce a new page dedicated to Visual Studio 2012 which contains related information and resources. Check it out at intersoftpt.com/vs2012.

Last but not least, enjoy (Visual + WebUI) Studio 2012! Here’s the download link again in case you missed it.

All the best,

New Line-of-Business Samples in ClientUI 7

Introducing the new data controls lineups such as UXPageableComboBox UXMultipleSelectionComboBox and UXTreeList, developers can now build large-scale data entry applications with blazing fast performance. UXGridView also adds with several enhancements and advanced features such as columns collection binding, column header binding and batch items validation. Click here to find out more about the new controls in ClientUI 7.

In this blog post, I will share some of the new samples demonstrating the new products, as well as reviewing the key features.

Below are some of the top new samples that goes to my favorite list.

  1. Cabin Front Reservation

    UXPageableComboBox is an enhanced UXDataComboBox control featuring highly efficient server paging mechanism. The control addresses performance issues in large data scenario by retrieving only the required data on demand, and perform incremental data retrieval when the total item count exceeds the specified page size.

    In this sample, you are able to perform Multiple columns layout with built-in column type such as Text, Images and Templates. You can perform sorting and description text feature using this control. With description text, you can show additional information related to the selected item in the right edge of the control. It is used to allow you easily understand the meaning of the input value at a glance. Explore the sample.



  2. Customer Order
    In this sample, you will see the tight integration between UXGridView and UXPageableComboBox. You can edit a column in UXGridView and bind it with UXPageableComboBox. With this feature, you can fully use all features available in UXPageableComboBox inside UXGridView, such as Multiple columns layout, Auto-complete behavior, advanced data grouping and sorting capability and many more. Explore the sample.


  3. Mail Application
    UXMultipleSelectionComboBox is an advanced queryable ComboBox control specially designed to support multiple selection. It provides an intuitive data entry mode that allows users to quickly select multiple items through type-and-tab gesture. It supports both Editable and Readonly mode. This control has every features that are available in UXPageableComboBox.

    In this sample, editable mode is used. It means that you can directly update the selection through the text input element. The control filters the data instantaneously as you type ahead, and the selection will be added with a single Tab key. Also, the built-in smart filter feature automatically prevents any items that you have selected to appear on the list for the next selection. Explore the sample.


  1. Project Milestone
    UXTreeList is a unique data control used to display self-referencing hierarchical data. You can use the HierarchicalCollectionView to transform your self-reference table into a hierarchical self-reference data.

    UXTreeList combines all UXGrid features such as data editing, grouping and paging with UXTreeView’s expand/collapse functionality to perfectly present any hierarchical data.

    In this sample, some features demonstrated are variety of columns type, common data manipulation and data editing that includes drag and drop to re-arrange your data. Explore the sample.


  2. Chart of Account

    UXTreeList supports load on demand scenario using MVVM pattern where only the root items are loaded initially. The children will be loaded on demand as users expanded the item for the first time. This feature is particularly useful to improve the overall performance when the assigned data source is relatively large.

    In this sample, IsLoadOnDemand property is set to True in order to activate the load-on-demand feature. In this mode, a busy indicator will be automatically displayed in each expanded item during the loading progress. Explore the sample.


  3. Empty Row Visibility
    UXGridView lets you easily create beautiful data presentation with look and feel similar to popular desktop-based apps such as iTunes, Quick Books, or other business apps alike. With the new innovative rendering feature, UXGridView automatically fills the entire view port with alternating rows instead of leaving a large white empty space.

    This sample demonstrates the empty rows visibility feature in UXGridView. When this featuere is enabled the UXGridView will render all the empty rows within the view port. You can also insert a new row from bottom when NewRowPosition is set to Bottom and CanUserAddRows is set to True. Explore the sample.


  4. Bottom New Row Position
    This new feature brings flexibility to the way users interact with the grid. Users can now rapidly add new items by clicking the bottom part of the grid, just like they would do in Excel. Activate this feature in your apps with a simple property set.

    In this sample, you can see there are new row position indicator on the last row in UXGridView. To go to the new row you can click the empty rows or use keyboard down on the last item. Explore the sample.


  5. Sequence Column
    Introducing the new UXGridViewSequenceColumn, you can now effortlessly display a column that automatically display sequential number to your data grid.

    In this sample, we have UXGridViewSequenceColumn which is used to show the row index of the current display. Note that the sequence column can not be sorted and will always show the row index regardless of the sorting or filtering state. Explore the sample.


For more information about ClientUI, you can explore our Live Samples or read through our Online Documentation.

Feel free to download your copy here. And while waiting for the download, be sure to check out the complete what’s new list here. Existing customers with valid subscription can obtain the latest WebUI Studio from Developer Network, under My Components shortcut.

If you have any questions regarding sales or licensing, you can directly email me at martin@intersoftpt.com. Any comments or feedbacks are welcome.

Thank you and have a nice day.


WebUI Studio 2012 is here!

The wait is over. We’re incredibly excited to announce the immediate availability of WebUI Studio 2012 today! The new release ships major upgrades for the flagship ASP.NET data controls such as WebGrid and WebCombo – featuring full HTML5 support, and includes dozens of must-have data controls specifically designed to address line-of-business scenarios in Silverlight/WPF application development.

You can download your copy here. And while waiting for the download, be sure to check out the complete what’s new list here.

In addition, you might want to check out many updates that we’ve put together in this release including the live samples for both ASP.NET and Silverlight, as well as online documentation. The WebGrid documentation is now completely revamped to match the new documentation standards and guidelines that we introduced in ClientUI.

Along with the new release, we’re pleased to announce the launch of Intersoft’s new website design. Completely revamped for the best user experiences, you can now get around faster and easier than ever before. And with clean yet elegant design, you can focus on the information and content better. We hope you liked our redesigned website!

Intersoft's new home

Last but not least, enjoy WebUI Studio 2012! Again, click here to download the new 2012 today if you haven’t. We hope you love the new release as much as we love building it!

Note: For active subscribers, you will receive the new license keys within 24 hour. Make sure you have whitelisted the intersoftpt.com domain to avoid communication problems.

All the best,

Introducing ImageAbsolutePath Feature in SqlReportViewer

The recently released service pack includes a number of enhancements to the SqlReportViewer control. One of the enhancements is the addition of ImageAbsolutePath property. This property is introduced for use in scenario involving multiple server environment.

In the initial release, ImageAbsolutePath is inferred from ImageVirtualPath. In this case, the control always assume that the SqlReportViewer and SQL Reporting Service is located on the same server. However, based on customer feedback, scenarios involving multiple server location is common in enterprise application deployment.

For example, the SqlReportViewer service is hosted on ssrs-1 server while the SqlReportingService is located on web-1. The scenario requires user to set both the ImageVirtualPath and ImageAbsolutePath properties, because the inferred absolute path from a remote location will not return a correct result. A code snippet to address such scenario would be:

<Intersoft:SqlReportViewer x:Name="ReportViewer1" 
	ReportName="/Northwind Reports/SalesOrderInvoice"
	ImageAbsolutePath="C:\inetpub\wwwroot\TempImages" /> 

The above code snippet assumes that the report images will be stored to the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\TempImages folder on the ssrs-1 server and virtually hosted on http://ssrs-1/TempImages. In this case, you need to configure ssrs-1 as the image server by creating the TempImages virtual directory.

If opening up the SQL report server as public web server is not option, simply set the ImageVirtualPath property to the web-1 server. Everything else should remain the same. In this case, you need to configure the IIS in the web-1 server by creating a virtual directory and map it to the network path in the ssrs-1 server.

I hope this post gives you insights on the new ImageAbsolutePath feature and how it can be used along with other properties to achieve advanced deployment scenarios. Any questions or feedback are welcomed.

For the complete list of enhancements and fixes in the latest ClientUI release, please visit our support page.

Glenn Layaar

Native Silverlight 5 Support and 100+ Enhancements

Just a month ago, the Silverlight team has finally released the long awaited Silverlight 5. The latest Silverlight release simply signals that the technology is still of interest by huge number of developers. With dozens of exciting features in Silverlight 5 such as full trust support for in-browser apps, vector printing support, 64 bit support and hundreds more, it’s obvious that Silverlight will still be the preferred line-of-business application platform for many years to come.

Ever since Silverlight 5 was released, we’ve been bombarded with emails and forum posts asking when we will upgrade our tools to support it. And I’m pleased to answer that the day is today. You can download WebUI Studio 2011 R2 Service Pack 1 here which is a free upgrade for all existing subscribers.

Speaking about Silverlight 5 support, we shipped not only about “compatibility” support with the Silverlight 5 runtime, but to the extent of “native” Silverlight 5 support where we improved many areas of our components to leverage the new features introduced in Silverlight 5. Once you installed the service pack, noticed that ClientUI assemblies for Silverlight 5 are now available in the separate folder.

Among the most significant enhancements is the vector printing support. All document viewer lineup in ClientUI – such as Fixed Document Viewer, XPS Document Viewer, Flow Document Viewer, and SQL Report Viewer – now automatically leverage vector printing by default, and fallback to the bitmap printing if unsupported by the printer.

The Flow Document Viewer has been significantly enhanced to support the improved graphic stack introduced in Silverlight 5 which enables the images to dynamically loaded in different UI thread while at the same time maintaining the layout consistency.

Upgrading your existing project to Silverlight 5 is as easy as few clicks away – thanks to the seamless integration to the Silverlight 5 developer tools. Simply bring up the project properties and change the Silverlight target version to Silverlight 5. Once you ok’ed the changes, Visual Studio will refresh the project’s references and automatically pick up the Silverlight 5 version of ClientUI assemblies. To ensure that your project is now upgraded, select a ClientUI assembly and press F4 to see the assembly properties, as shown in the following figure.

Silverlight 5 assembly

Note that ClientUI supports side-by-side development with Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4 and Silverlight 5 – by far the industry’s most comprehensive toolset for Silverlight development.

Another major effort that our team have put in this latest release is a brand-new wizard for Silverlight and WPF templates. Previously, some ClientUI templates depend on the installed Silverlight version. Several templates also have to be made separately to target different version of WCF RIA Services (i.e., RTM, SP1 and SP2). In this latest release, the ClientUI project templates no longer depend on the Silverlight version. A single project template now works flawlessly regardless of the WCF RIA Services, see the shot below.

Enhanced ClientUI project templates

For data-driven project templates, you can now choose the target Silverlight version when creating a new project, see the shot below.

Silverlight version target

In addition, the service pack also throws in nearly 100+ enhancements and fixes across all Silverlight, WPF and ASP.NET controls. To see the complete list, please download the release notes here.

So what’re you waiting for? Kick-off the new year with this exciting release, and build some amazing apps fast.

Note: Existing customers can also download the service pack from Intersoft Developer Network, under My Components link.

Jimmy Petrus

New Business-Inspiring Samples in ClientUI 6

The latest ClientUI release comes up with new amazing controls that have been awaited by many developers, such as UXScheduleView with its scheduling capabilities, UXRibbon with its rich styling features, UXFlowDocumentViewer with its unique viewing performance and much more. Click here to find out more about the new controls in ClientUI 6.

In this blog post, I will share some of the new samples demonstrating the new products, as well as reviewing the key features.

Below are the top 10 new samples that goes to my favorite list.

  1. Hospital Medical Scheduler

    UXScheduleView is a powerful, MVVM-ready scheduling control that offers many advanced features and rich user experiences in a single box. This sample is a good demonstration of the latest UXScheduleView with many features enabled such as adding, editing and deleting events.

    This sample defines the views as Daily, Next 3 Days and Week which can be elegantly defined through property sets in the XAML. It also demonstrates UXScheduleView’s strong customization support which allows you to redefine the styles, appearances and templates to fit your requirements, for instances, displaying the photo of the respective doctors.

    In addition, many key features can also be seen in this sample such as high-performance grouping, real-time interactivity and drag-drop support, sophisticated editing capability, ISO usability standards conformance, and more. You can drag-drop the event without having to manually modify the time schedule. Explore the sample.
    UXScheduleView - Medical Scheduler

  2. Software Project Schedule

    One of the most advanced features in UXScheduleView is its extensible view architecture which enables you to create your own custom views and easily instantiate the custom views into the UXScheduleView control. This sample includes a custom Agenda view which displays events in a simple list view. Notice that the custom view takes advantage of the automatic calendar synchronization which highlights the days covered by the view. Explore the sample.
    UXScheduleView - Software Project Schedule

  3. Nested Grouping
    If the above scenario shows about standard grouping, this sample demonstrates several advanced grouping features such as multi-level (nested) grouping using UXScheduleView. You can flexibly define the group items and orders through the GroupCollection property. Explore the sample.
    UXScheduleView - Nested Grouping
  4. TextPad Editor

    This sample demonstrates a complete overview of the unique features available in UXRibbon such as fluid group and button resizing, state-of-the-art UI design and pixel-perfect layout rendering. It also shows the key ribbon features such as dozen of button variants, fluid tab group, ordered tab group, application menu, backstage view, quick access toolbar, key tips, and much more.

    Despite of the rich features, UXRibbonBar is designed with lightweight and blazing-fast fluent resizing in mind. Explore the sample.
    UXRibbon - TextPad Editor 

  5. CRM
    One of the unique metaphors in Ribbon UI is the contextual tab concept which lets you display certain groups of commands based on a certain condition or context. For example, instead of showing schedule-related commands with disabled state initially, it is more intuitive to hide them initially, then show them on-demand when the context is available such as when a follow-up record is selected.

    UXRibbonBar includes full support on this unique “contextual tab” metaphor which is well demonstrated in this business-inspiring CRM sample. Try to select a record in the Follow-up Schedule grid, notice that the “Schedule” contextual group will be shown with the “Follow Up” tab automatically selected.

    UXRibbonBar also supports multiple contextual groups to be activated at the same time. With the “Schedule” contextual group shown, try to click on the Search text box. Notice that a “Search” contextual group will be displayed along side with the “Schedule” contextual group. When the context is out (i.e., tab out from the Search text box), the contextual group will automatically disappear and then select the first tab of the UXRibbonBar. Explore the sample.
    UXRibbon - CRM

  6. News Buzz
    In this sample, UXFlowDocumentViewer is used to display the latest news documents. Try to select a category in the left navigation and the related news will be displayed in the viewer.

    UXFlowDocumentViewer has multiple view mode switching capability. Try to switch between Page view and Scroll view using the view mode tool commandsand the content will be adjusted to the selected view mode.

    Also, you can perform zooming using either the zoom bar or zoom level. Click the “Show Actual Size” button to reset back to 100%. Or, toggle the full screen mode for maximum reading experience. Click the Print button to directly print the document exactly as user views it.

    Try the search feature to search a text. Try to type “the” and note that all the matched words will be highlighted. When you switch to scroll view, the search text will be persisted and all the matched words will be highlighted as well. Explore the sample.
    UXFlowDocumentViewer - News Buzz           

  7. Personal Email Viewer

    UXFlowDocumentScrollViewer allows users to view flow content in scroll mode. In scroll mode, the content will flow based on the viewer size.

    In this sample, UXFlowDocumentScrollViewer is used as a personal email viewer, which loads an email (in HTML format) when user selects an item from the top navigation. Explore the sample.
    UXFlowDocumentScrollViewer - Personal Email Viewer

  8. Product Sales Report per Customer

    SQLReportViewer is a SQL report viewer for Silverlight with sophisticated rendering engine – conforming to SQL reporting services rendering. In this sample, SQLReportViewer provides users with the capability to view the product sales report.

    You can perform zooming using either zoom bar or zoom level. Click the “Show Actual Size” button to reset back to 100%. Or, toggle the full screen mode for maximum reading experience. Click the Print button to directly print the report exactly as users views it. Explore the sample.
    SQLReportViewer - Product Sales Report

  9. Sales Order Invoice

    This sample demonstrates on how SQLReportViewer is able to accurately parse and render any SQL reporting service report, such as a sales order invoice. The thumbnail navigation could be used to jump between pages. Explore the sample.

    You can perform zooming using either zoom bar or zoom level. Click the “Show Actual Size” button to reset back to 100%. Or, toggle the full screen mode for maximum reading experience. Click the Print button to directly print the report exactly as users views it. Explore the sample.
    SQLReportViewer - Sales Order Invoice

  10. Data LookupBox

    This sample demonstrates how to implement data lookup using the UXDataLookUpBox control. UXDataLookupBox is an intuitive data input control that combines the ease of auto-complete and the flexibility of custom lookup.

    Try to click the “Search” icon and type “ca” to search customers based on Contact Name. Finally, it will automatically list all orders purchased by the selected customer. Explore the sample.
    UXDataLookupBox - Data LookupBox

    There are many other samples collection which you can visit in our ClientUI Live Samples. You are welcome to evaluate our 30-days trial in here. Existing customers with valid subscription can obtain the latest WebUI Studio from Developer Network, under My Components shortcut.

    Should you have any questions regarding sales, you can contact martin@intersoftpt.com. Any comments or feedbacks are welcome.

    Thank you and have a nice day.