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Intersoft Premier Studio 2014 is here!

Today, we’re very excited to deliver our most anticipated release yet. Shipping over 200 new features and a multitude of enhancements across all 7 platforms, the new 2014 release is our latest masterpiece dedicated to all our customers worldwide. Thank you for all your feedback and support! You can download the new 2014 product bits here.

In addition to new products, this release also marks several important launches for new kind of services that we’ve been working on these past months. In this blog post, I will share some key highlights of the new products and services.

Premier 2014 Highlights

As planned in our roadmap, the Premier 2014 is strongly focused on Crosslight 2, a major release of our development tools for cross-platform mobile development. Building on solid architecture on top of Microsoft and Xamarin technologies, Crosslight 2 features a vast array of powerful components and services that makes cross-platform enterprise apps development truly a breeze.

Some key highlights of the new features in Crosslight 2 are the comprehensive data access services which cover most data access strategies typically used in mobile apps. You can now easily display data from a remote source and update them back through REST service. Alternatively, you can also load data from a local database which is supported through our advanced SQLite API. Or even better, you can combine both strategies and use two-way synchronization service to sync offline and server changes seamlessly. Best of all, everything can be programmed in the shared ViewModel with just a few line of code. Strictly no tedious platform-specific code is required.

Crosslight 2 ships 200+ new features including frameworks, services and UI components across all platforms.

Crosslight 2 ships 200+ new features including frameworks, services and UI components across all platforms.

Of course, there are still a lot of great features that you should try yourself, from social network integration, unified push notifications, async image loader, pull-to-refresh, to advanced master-detail UI component and sophisticated drawer navigation. Keep in mind that all these features are fully supported on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Click here to find out more.

ClientUI for Silverlight and WPF, now upgraded to v10, includes dozens of new features for the Reporting lineup. It now comes with over 150 beautiful, professionally-designed report samples. And you’re really going to love this: the report viewer for Crosslight is also shipped in this release. So yup, you can now build some great apps and let users view reports on-the-go. Learn more about the new ClientUI Reporting here.

ClientUI Reporting Samples

Beautiful, professional-designed report samples are now available for your references.

ASP.NET product lineup also receives great improvements. Your web apps should run much faster with the enhanced ASP.NET components, thanks to the much reduced Javascript files, now 40% smaller than the previous version. This improvement applies to all 40+ components, so you can enjoy significantly faster and more responsive web apps.

Introducing Intersoft Developer Center

At Intersoft, we strived to create and release only the best-quality products. But, great products without comprehensive documentation isn’t so great. That said, we’re so excited to announce the launch of our new developer-centric portal where you can now find comprehensive documentation of our products, all in a single, intuitive web interface.

Comprehensive developer-focused content in an intuitive web interface lets you conveniently learn and master Intersoft's products.

Comprehensive developer-focused content in an intuitive web interface lets you conveniently learn and master Intersoft’s products.

Unlike other help platforms, our Developer Center is designed with an advanced integrated workflow that allows truly agile product release cycle. Documentation API is automatically published in realtime with each class and member seamlessly linked to the conceptual topics, slashing two third of the time compared to our previous release workflow. You can also watch for certain pages you are interested in, and get updates when the pages are updated.

In this launch, the Crosslight product documentation in the new Developer Center is officially released. You will find in-depth conceptual topics, sample code, videos, learning resources, and much more. Visit Intersoft Developer Center now.

Introducing Intersoft Git Server

When downloading our new product setup, you will notice significantly smaller download size. The mobile studio is now only 65 MB, down from 110 MB. Due to our improved agile workflows which emphasize on shorter release cycle and efficient delivery , the setup no longer include offline samples.

The good news is that we now have a better place to host all our fast-evolving product samples. Introducing Intersoft’s own enterprise-grade Git server, you can easily find new code and samples right from your browser. Even better, if you’re familiar with Git, you can simply open the terminal or command prompt, then clone the sample projects in a single command.

Easily browse samples from Intersoft's online code repository

Easily browse samples from Intersoft’s online code repository

With the new Git server, this also marks an important breakthrough in the way we release our products. With our recent transition to an advanced GitFlow working model, you can easily find out what features we are working on, and what new samples we are currently preparing. You can easily switch branch and get yourself the latest development bits to give it a try.

More importantly, we are now starting to adopt open-source initiatives to contribute back to the our customers and community. Our first open-source project is the Crosslight enterprise app framework which provides design pattern, reusable libraries and best practices for building enterprise apps rapidly. In addition, code samples for technical support will now be published — all hosted in the new Git Server. Click here to visit Intersoft Git server, and here for the instructions to get started with Crosslight samples hosted on the Git server.

Update 5/12/2014: Please download the recently updated installer which includes a number of improvements made to the Crosslight Project Wizard such as automatic web server detection for business template and improved overall experience.

What’s Next

More exciting Crosslight reference samples will be made available soon. You can also expect series of blogs and tutorial videos discussing the new features available in Crosslight 2. Also, stay tuned for our upcoming webinar.

Last but not least, I hope you enjoyed our new products and the comprehensive, much improved services. Again, if you have not started your download, click here to get the new bits right now.