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WebUI Studio 2009 R2 Service Pack 1 Is Now Available

We are proud to announce the latest update for WebUI Studio 2009 R2. The latest service pack release includes numerous enhancement, bug fixes, and improved stability across all ASP.NET and Silverlight products.

WebGrid Enterprise 7 is improved with the new Virtual Group Paging feature, which gracefully combined Client Binding data operation and VirtualLoad Paging in Grouping scenario. Click here to read Jimmy’s blog covering this new powerful feature.

Prospects are highly recommend to re-download the latest installer in here. Customers can directly obtain the latest installer in Developer Network 3. Read the complete press release here.

2008 R1 Service Pack 1 delivered…

The long-awaited service pack 1 of WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R1 is finally here. We’ve made significant updates and enhancements to all areas of the products based on the feedback that we received since the initial release.

Two of the most noteworthy enhancements are:

  1. Strong x64 bit support in all version of Windows (including XP, Vista and Server 2003/2008). All our assemblies are now fully compatible with native 64bit mode IIS Web application. So, if you’re deploying to Windows Server x64 edition, you should upgrade your Web application to 2008 R1 SP1.
    Note that the x64 bit support doesn’t require separate assembly, so each single assembly can be used in both x32 and x64 environment.
  2. New Charting runtime engine for Pivot Charting feature in WebGrid.NET Enterprise 6.0. If you’ve deployed applications using Pivot Charting feature, reading this Whitepaper is a must!
    The new, built-in Charting runtime engine is a royalty free component that is OEM licensed, and redeveloped by our engineers to meet the full backward compatibility with previous runtime engine that we licensed from third party. In this new Service Pack, we no longer distribute the runtime engine from the previous third party Charting component.

There are also dozens of exciting enhancements, such as full RTL support in WebScheduler as mentioned in Erika’s post and significantly updated WebScheduler documentation. We also included the large data enhancement for WebGrid and ISDataSource in this Service Pack 1.

For full list of fixes, new features and enhancements, make sure the “Read release notes” checkbox is checked in the last screen of the installation. Get Service Pack 1 now!

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