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Win a free subscription – 1 month left

As Jemmy has posted the details here, we’re running a sweepstake program until December 2008. Just a quick reminder, you can stand a chance to win a full subscription by trying out our Sirius 2 showcase (based on WebAqua) and submit your comment.

The September 2008 and October 2008’s winner has been announced in September and October newsletter respectively.

Here are just some nice comments out of hundreds that we have received so far.

“Just awesome. True art.
After reviewing this site, it deserves the word Masterpiece.
You guys can give some older companies (in this field) good heartattack. Hats off to you.”
— Siddharth

This design will definitely impress potential customers of your web app. The first impression will be good and they will want to use it many times
— Konstantin Smirnov, Developer.

Very innovative approach towards next genartion UI. Really a master designed by using Silverlight
— Dharmendra, Software Engineer.

great ..you rock man … suppose many component like this one, it will more help us to give best user experience and of course we are the programmer  only focus on deliver businees project and not graphical user interface design again … let it handled by the expert one like Intersoft :)”
Rahman L, Programmer.

Oh My GOD, !!!!! This has to be the most cool thing I have ever seen! GOD I can’t wait to get my hands on building web application with this!!!  Love!!!!!!!!!”
Kenneth Amby Thomassen, Freelance Designer.

Interesting? Curious? Take several minutes, experience it yourself and join thousands of Sirius fanatics.

Speaking of WebAqua, I received an email from a customer today mentioning that our stuff has been stolen. It appears that we got 2 “followers” now :). We’re quite happy with that since they just proof to the public that Intersoft is the leader in this industry. I’m not sure why they dont have other better products to offer to their customers, and why they keep becoming our “shadow” (sorry, but that’s the fact!). What’s more, it’s a pity to see what they’ve done — not even close to 1/10 of our features and designs. They should, at least, offering a comparable quality products to ours. What else to say, there are huge differences between innovators and immitators.

On the other hand, we’re ready for more exciting, truly innovative Silverlight components with never-before-seen features. This time, we are strongly focused on LOB products and scenarios, and be surprised how we slash Silverlight development efforts in half. More news will follow in the upcoming November newsletter. Stay tuned!

All the best,