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Latest Product Updates and New Tutorial Videos

The latest product hotfixes for WebUI Studio across all platforms are now officially released. Make sure you implement the latest updates for improved stability and reliability. Checking for updates is easy – simply launch the Update Manager from Intersoft program group, click on the Check for Updates and then download away. Click here to view the complete hotfix application guide.

Some of the exciting updates are improved XHTML support for various ASP.NET products such as WebDesktop and WebTextEditor. WebGrid and WebCombo also get many enhancements and bug fixes, such as Customizable minimum height when the WebGrid is set to use fluid height mode, and WebCombo now supports client binding scenario with multiple selection and read only mode enabled. Click here to see the latest build’s version history.

Some enhancements are also applied in these updates, including:

  • Support for a nested UXDialogBox in a standalone environment
  • Ultra-smooth fading animation in ContentTransition control
  • Improved navigation support in UXTreeView integrated with UXNavigationPane.
  • In addition, UXScrollViewer now manages the scrolling behavior to improve user experiences which comply with ISO usability standards.

Find out more updates about ClientUI updates.

Last but not least, ClientUI also fixes some reported issues, including:

  • Showing UXWindow in a standalone mode no longer throws error.
  • UXDialogBox now displays properly when it is nested in third level,
  • UXScrollBar no longer throws exception when it is hosted in a UXWindow in WPF application.

New ClientUI Tutorial Videos

We’ve recently updated our support site with latest ClientUI videos. The updates include two videos about customizing cell editing template in UXGridView and licensing ClientUI application that is created using Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch for deployment.

Customize Cell Editing Template in UXGridView


This video demonstrates on how to use custom cell editing in UXGridView as well as how to use different editing template in each row using cell editing template selector.

Deploy ClientUI Application created using Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch


This video demonstrates how easy it is to deploy a ClientUI project created using Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch.

That’s all for now. I hope our new videos continue to provide a better understanding about our ClientUI products. Please feel free to post any feedbacks, thoughts or questions in the comment box below.

Please feel free to post any feedback, thoughts or questions in the comment box below.