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Resolve ‘Page cannot be displayed’ issue in IE8

We’ve recently updated the web version of WebUI Studio 2009 setup which includes a fix to an issue that caused Internet Explorer browser to “timeout” quicker than usual. The issue was due to a new setting in registry which is automatically added by the installation authoring software that we used in the recent 2009 release. More detailed symptom is explained below.

If you have installed WebUI Studio 2009 using the web version setup, you may have experienced unusual, faster timeout in IE8 browser. For example, when you load a considerably large web page that requires more than 10 seconds to display, IE8 will simply end the connection and then display the “Page cannot be displayed” error message. You’ll constantly getting this problem regardless of your connection zone (eg, localhost, intranet, or internet).

To resolve this timeout issue, please launch regedit.exe and simply delete the  ReceiveTimeout key from Internet Settings group. Please see complete registry path in the screenshot below.

Remove ReceiveTimeout key from the registry. See the complete path above.

Delete ReceiveTimeout key from the registry. See the complete path above.

Again, please note that full single setup isn’t affected. To reuse the web setup again in the future (or for other computers), I highly recommend you to use the latest web setup which you can download here.