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To overcome the “Error downloading resources ‘ISCoverFlow.axd?url=…'” at page that contains WebCoverFlow

It’s been a long time since I created a blog. It’s been a busy week for me, because we have just do exhibition at Windows 2008 Server launch. Ok, it’s enough for my story. At this section I want to share how to overcome the trouble just like the title. Usually this error happens at the first time you want to run the page that contains WebCoverFlow. The error happens because .axd definition was accidentally excluded in the web.config. 

Actually it’s quite simple, you just need to open the web.config, and put the following in the <httpHandlers> section :

      <add path=”ISCoverFlow.axd” verb=”GET” type=”ISNet.WebUI.Silverlight.WebAqua.WebCoverFlowRequestHandler, ISNet.WebUI.Silverlight.WebAqua” validate=”true”/>

Well it’s enough for today. Hopefully I will have more time to share tips about our controls. Don’t forget with Intersoft Solution you will have a better web experience. ^_^


Gordon Tumewu

The much anticipated beta is finally out.

Yep, you read it right. After a full three weeks of extensive QA and preparation, we finally get the beta out of the door.

There are a lot of new stuffs that you can play in this beta as you can read it here, but probably the most interesting one is WebAqua which has been awaited for several months.

You might want to check out our recently updated WebAqua live demo, which is now featuring WebCoverFlow. We have also added dozens of new samples for WebFishEye. If you haven’t seen it, simply click on http://webaqua.intersoftpt.com.

That’s all for now. Enjoy, and happy beta testing! 

All the best,

New Year, New Stuff.

In this first blog post of the New Year, I’m going to share several new stuffs from our latest product development. Last month, I have blogged about WebCoverFlow, our upcoming UI component targeting Silverlight. Although we are going to release the beta very soon, many of you have asked us to post more news and demos about WebCoverFlow. So today I decided to put up a demo, recorded into a video and posted it to YouTube.

The above video demonstrates the latest brand-new feature that we have just finished recently. This new innovation, named VirtualFlow™ technology, enables you to load virtually hundreds to thousands of media (can be pictures and videos) without performance depletion. Our VirtualFlow technology is incorporated with an advanced Load-on-Demand architecture and Smart-Asynchronous mechanism to perform downloading when necessary.

This means you can develop a pure “Web 2.0″ application that retrieves images from API-enabled sites such flickr.com, facebook.com – you name it.

In the above video, we use Flickr API to retrieve up to 500 pictures. The page loads in only few seconds for the first time, and then it will start to download the required pictures asynchronously. When the pictures are downloaded, it will be displayed in a smooth fashion and elegant animation.

Unlike Apple’s CoverFlow, our VirtualFlow technology does not increase your memory consumption as the pictures grow larger. As you can watch in the above YouTube video, you can quickly scroll from a position to another in real-time – without any performance hits. I believe this is a very exciting and advanced technology that we came up with for the 2008 R1 milestone.

Finally, you asked about the usage of WebCoverFlow in enterprises and business application. This visually compelling CoverFlow component is not only designed for showing personal pictures etc (although it’ll be nice if you load up your favorite Facebook pictures into WebCoverFlow experience :), but in fact there are also a lot of features and functions that specifically designed for business application scenarios. For instance, you can build an advanced Slideshow-enabled application that contains your enterprise’s video tutorials or showing document previews (and program it so that it opens the document when user double-click on the cover), or an application selector/navigator. If you are a fan of Mac, you’ll certainly get the ideas )

I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know if you have questions or feedback.


“WebAqua” revealed and dozens of bonus features.

Yesterday we have officially announce the name of our next-generation WebUI targeting Silverlight platform. Please visit http://www.intersoftpt.com/Corporate/Default.aspx?page=PressRelease&PressID=decfae36-56f8-46c7-ac04-7ce5de73e4be for the official press release. I suggest you read the press release as it announces another new component under the “WebAqua” brand.

This new component — as you might have guessed from our previous newsletter — is a sophisticated iPhone-style Cover Flow components. The WebCoverFlow includes out-of-the-box user experiences and animation that completely mimic the feel of Cover Flow. I’ll blog more about WebCoverFlow as we updated our “Sirius” demo site later. See the following for a WebCoverFlow screenshot.


More Bonus Features

We love bonus, and so does everyone 🙂 We’ll have several additional features that we can say as “great bonus” for the 2008 R1 which we don’t plan in the first place. Some of bonus features that you can expect in 2008 R1:

* Aqua Theme for WebDesktopManager. Yeap, you can now create a Mac’s Leopard style Web application.

* New features to support Aqua Theme. Mac’s OS has a very intuitive UI which is slightly different to Windows. For example, the window commands such as Close, Minimize etc are located in the Left side of the Window. The caption is center-aligned instead of left-aligned.

* Semi Transparent Taskbar. You can now use a transparent PNG image as the taskbar background image, and it will automatically overlay against the desktop background image.

* Overlay Screen Image. A new background image that spans from taskbar region to desktop content region.

There are more bonus features included to the other components of WebDesktop. I’ll blog more as the features are implemented.