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Intersoft WebUI Studio 2009 SP1 Is Here

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of WebUI Studio 2009 Service Pack 1 today. The service pack includes hundreds of significant enhancements and major stability improvement.

To view the enhancements in details and the download instruction, please check out the official press release.

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been receiving questions that asked whether our new ASP.NET lineups have supported ASP.NET MVC. Microsoft released the first stable version of ASP.NET MVC couple months ago. It  is a free and fully supported Microsoft framework for building web applications that use a model-view-controller pattern. I won’t be covering much on the MVC concept here, please visit http://www.asp.net/mvc to learn more on ASP.NET MVC.

Unlike Webform style that most developers used in ASP.NET web development, ASP.NET MVC  doesn’t use view state and server-based form. Put simply, it doesn’t support event life-cycle model because the interactions between the model, view and controller in MVC use a different life-cycle model. That said, ASP.NET server-side controls that rely on postback and state management will not be able to work in ASP.NET MVC application.

Luckily you can continue to use Intersoft WebUI Studio for ASP.NET lineups in your ASP.NET MVC application. Thanks to our advanced view state storage framework, you can set where the view state of a page should be stored. It supports server-side storage such as Session, PageCache or File Storage in addition to ASP.NET default client-side view state.

To proof our Webform components in ASP.NET MVC project, I create a new MVC project, open the default page and then add some databound controls into the page such as WebGrid and WebCombo. To see how it looks like in Visual Studio, please refer to the screenshot below.

WebUI Studio components in ASP.NET MVC project

Using WebUI Studio components in ASP.NET MVC project

Another key ingredient to enable Webform controls to run flawlessly in ASP.NET MVC is by adding <form runat=”server”> tag in the beginning of the view page. All built-in page features and nice AJAX operations will then continue to work as expected. To proof it, I enabled some built-in features in WebGrid that trigger AJAX such as grouping, sorting, filtering and paging.

Run the page in browser and we can see that both WebGrid and WebCombo show up as expected. Next, try to interact with the controls such as by clicking on the column header, drag the slider to navigate between pages, or type some keyword into the WebCombo. All worked perfectly as shown in the following.

WebUI Studio components support ASP.NET MVC application

WebUI Studio works flawlessly in ASP.NET MVC application

Although the above experiment is pretty straightforward and simple, it does show the basic proof-of-concept of using Webform components such as WebUI Studio ASP.NET lineups in MVC page. This also means that you no longer have to worry on your existing Webform investment and to decide which application model that you prefer to develop on. I’ll be surely checking out more advanced scenarios based on your feedback and request.

The latest WebUI Studio continues to support growing Microsoft platform adoption such as ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, Sharepoint 2007, and more — as well as cutting-edge technologies such as client binding, “cloud” support, and other Web 2.0 trends. Please visit http://www.intersoftpt.com/2009 to learn more.

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Resolve ‘Page cannot be displayed’ issue in IE8

We’ve recently updated the web version of WebUI Studio 2009 setup which includes a fix to an issue that caused Internet Explorer browser to “timeout” quicker than usual. The issue was due to a new setting in registry which is automatically added by the installation authoring software that we used in the recent 2009 release. More detailed symptom is explained below.

If you have installed WebUI Studio 2009 using the web version setup, you may have experienced unusual, faster timeout in IE8 browser. For example, when you load a considerably large web page that requires more than 10 seconds to display, IE8 will simply end the connection and then display the “Page cannot be displayed” error message. You’ll constantly getting this problem regardless of your connection zone (eg, localhost, intranet, or internet).

To resolve this timeout issue, please launch regedit.exe and simply delete the  ReceiveTimeout key from Internet Settings group. Please see complete registry path in the screenshot below.

Remove ReceiveTimeout key from the registry. See the complete path above.

Delete ReceiveTimeout key from the registry. See the complete path above.

Again, please note that full single setup isn’t affected. To reuse the web setup again in the future (or for other computers), I highly recommend you to use the latest web setup which you can download here.


Intersoft WebUI Studio 2009 is here!

We’re excited to announce the final release of WebUI Studio 2009 today. Don’t wait, get yourself a copy today.

The 2009 release includes dozens of new innovations and hundreds of new features. Get started from the links below:

What makes this 2009 release a truly breakthrough launch is that we also launch a completely revamped web sites, new services, and new subscription models at the same time along with the new products release. These new sites are significantly important to support Intersoft’s realigned initiatives and new business models in providing the ultimate web development toolset for ASP.NET and Silverlight developers. Our brand-new demos is now live, and can be accessed here.

For the first time since 2002, all website contents have been rewritten for more professional results, while all pages are redesigned with fresh layout and more intuitive navigation for the best browsing and reading experience. More importantly, our new sites now use only the strictest web standards — enables users to access our sites faster in any standards-compliance browsers across devices and platforms. Hundreds of pages with detailed state-of-the-art graphics have also been added to help you quickly realizing the full potential of our solutions. Click here to learn more on our new website’s features, and here to experience it directly.

At the same time, we also release an updated version of Developer Network which supports the new subscription model and new business requirements introduced in this release. I’ll cover Developer Network enhancements in depth details in the next post, as it includes numerous changes in user interface and business processes which affect the way users work with subscriptions, components and developers management. For instance, since the new subscription allows you to have more than one active subscription (with either same or different editions) in a single account, we feel that it’s extremely important to have an improved user interface where you can manage your subscriptions more efficiently, see which subscription is active, and see list of components available in each subscription, and more.

Last but not least, we hope you enjoyed every bits of WebUI Studio 2009! Click here to get the trial copy now. For subscribers, logon to Developer Network and download it from My Components application.

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WebUI Studio 2009 beta is here!

The beta version of WebUI Studio 2009 is now available for testing. This beta version shipped with near-final release quality, and I hope it worthed all the delays. Check out the beta release notes here, and find out more details on the release here.

For customers, please login to Developer Network and access the beta download from My Components application. For prospect customers, please enroll in Intersoft Beta Program and we’ll get back to you with more instructions.

We have also prepared several videos that demonstrates some of our new innovations in this release. Check them out while you’re waiting for your download:

For feedback and issues reporting, please send your email to feedback@intersoftpt.com.

Happy beta testing!

– Jimmy.