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ClientUI.com Received Major Content Update

With 240 controls, and counting, ClientUI distinguishes itself as one of the fastest growing Silverlight/WPF suite in the industry – bringing not only an expansive selection of controls, but also plenty of innovative features.

ClientUI.com serves as the information gateway for developer to learn about its concept, feature, and to discover how its true capabilities help developers build high-performance line-of-business applications faster, easier, and better.

The new content update emphasizes on detailing each control’s key features in simple navigation interface. Controls are divided and grouped (paged) based on the functionality, such as button controls, input controls, advanced input controls, layout panels, and more.

With two sets of navigation interfaces, the left one lets user browse all controls or features of the same category. The bottom box allows user to see all controls and link to them efficiently. Each control explanation is accompanied with an illustrative image and a live sample button so that user can see and test the specific control directly. Media gallery is stuffed with many high-quality graphics of various LoB applications built with ClientUI.

Click here to explore the new content. Kindly post any feedback if you have below, or email me directly at haryono@intersoftpt.com.


2011 Survey Winner

Last month’s survey was a huge success. We gathered a lot of constructive feedback and critics and it’s really happy to see how people respond to our products and services. As our gratitude, three lucky winners were selected and they are:

  • gnaik@******.com
  • WilmarVH@******.co.za
  • chris@******.com

Each will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. Enjoy guys.
If you have any questions about the survey, please email feedback@intersoftpt.com.


Announcing WebUI Studio 2011 Roadmap

We’ve recently updated the product roadmap for WebUI Studio 2011 which includes the release plans for all platforms, including ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF.

2010 was a truly remarkable year as we shipped over 240 new and advanced controls to the ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF platforms. It was our most aggressive release ever in our development history – setting the new standards in the component industry. In addition to the new controls, we continually enhanced our flagship ASP.NET controls such as WebGrid, WebScheduler, and WebDesktop. Many thanks to all our customers for the continuous support in every aspect!

We will continue to set the bar high for our 2011 product releases, focusing on advanced data-centric controls and major enhancements to all development platforms, as well as expanding our portfolio with new exciting lineups such as data visualization, reporting, and a multitude of ASP.NET MVC3 controls.

2011 Roadmap Overview

In the 2011 roadmap, we will be strongly focused on advanced line-of-business controls for the Silverlight and WPF platforms. The 2011 R1 theme is "all about data", which means the release will include a wealth of data presentation controls, ranging from an MVVM-ready data grid, data pager, query editor, to a rich scheduler. These new data controls will be built upon ClientUI’s architecture such as commanding, routed events, localization manager and multi-binding; enabling key scenarios such as unified development model across Silverlight and WPF and MVVM design pattern development.

In addition to the data controls, we will continue to deliver innovative UI controls that are essential to your Silverlight/WPF application development. Among these controls are an advanced treeview and an Outlook 2010 style navigation pane. Unlike other treeviews, our treeview control, named UXTreeView, will fully support MVVM design pattern with which you can bind multiple-level of entities. UXTreeView will also support on-demand child loading using MVVM pattern, which means that any child entities that are "lazy loaded" would be automatically reflected to the control’s user interface.

Good news for ASP.NET developers! Our 2011 roadmap will continue to include new and major version of ASP.NET controls, many thanks to our customers for the feedback and support! The first 2010 release will deliver WebCombo 5, a major upgrade to our flagship WebCombo control. It will include many exciting features such as client-side binding, virtual rendering, and easy data access to web services.

In addition to our solid roadmap for the Silverlight and WPF platforms, there are more exciting ASP.NET lineup being planned for the second 2011 milestone, ranging from the new extensions for ASP.NET MVC3 (yep, with Razor view engine support), an improved WebUI Framework for HTML5 and CSS3 support, as well as major release of flagship products.

Needless to say, these new 2011 releases will surely add great and indispensible tools to your development toolbox. The complete details on WebUI Studio 2011 roadmap can be accessed in the Developer Network, read more below.

Release Schedules and More Details

For existing customers, please logon to Intersoft Developer Network using your Intersoft ID to read the complete details about the upcoming products as well as the release schedules. After logged on, bring up the Home window, then click on the link in the Announcement section to open the product roadmap window, see the screenshot below.

Developer Network

For prospect customers who are interested in our 2011 roadmap, please send your email to sales@intersoftpt.com to request a copy. We’ll send you a copy of NDA to be signed in order to receive the roadmap details.

All the best,

New Intersoft Support Center Goes Live

Just two days ago, we released the first service pack of WebUI Studio 2010, the most significant updates since its release few months ago. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new support site. Read the official press release here.

If you haven’t heard the buzz, we’ve just opened our first dedicated European office yesterday. Based in England, the European office is our long-term investment to better serve our European customers with more – and more responsive – services. And yes, we are already operating since the day one. Read the official press release here – you’re welcome to contact our European office for sales, marketing, corporate presentation, and even technical inquiries.

Today’s launching of our new support center resembles our continuous commitment in providing the most excellent product support on the top of our renowned quality toolset. We’ve put an enormous effort and detailed attention in this support area to bring a variety of resources and fresh content to the table, including video tutorials, text walkthroughs, knowledge base and blogs – all neatly organized into a centralized interface. Let’s tour some of the new features and fresh content available in the new support center.

Adding Over 1.5GB Worth of Fresh Content

Despite of the complete facelift of the user interface, what makes the new support center so significant is the huge amount of content we made available over months – topping off 1.5GB for all the new and updated content.

So what does this all mean to you? It could be many things, but one thing for sure is that you got the peace of mind developing your applications with WebUI Studio. We’ve got everything covered – from get started videos for first-timer and beginners, to comprehensive multi-series videos walkthrough for intermediate and advanced developers, to hundreds of text-based tutorials and how-to topics, and much more.

See the following screenshot for an example, a comprehensive ClientUI video tutorial fresh from the oven!


There are dozens of exciting features that we bring together in this release which are about to be discussed in the following. However, if you would like to play around with the new support center now, please head straight to intersoftpt.com/support.

Support Center Highlights

One of the goals that we want to achieve in this new support center is the tight integration to the main web site, making it seamlessly blended with the experiences that users already accustomed to. In our previous support center, the site was a completely different module and can be only accessed through separate browser instance. Not only it is difficult to locate a content, the experience was also somewhat unpleasant.

New Home. More Intuitive Layout.

The new support home welcomes you with a clean, unobtrusive design. Sophisticatedly designed to fit into the main corporate branding, you can now easily navigate from one page to another without leaving the browser instance you currently work with.


The improved home page layout lets you scan the fresh and features content at a quick glance. It also aggregates a variety of information from the community sites, blogs, and knowledge base into the front page – allowing you to swiftly locate the information you are looking for.

For first-timers and beginners, you would definitely love the new Solution Center that we added in this new release. These hand-picked topics are ranging from installation and licensing guides, to get started walkthroughs to deployment. See the screenshot below.


Modern Navigation Interface

It has always been a great challenge for user interface and web designers when it comes to designing navigation interface. How would you design a navigation interface that is both efficient and intuitive? Some would probably use tabbing, some possibly use accordion or even a dropdown menu.

At Intersoft, we always wanted to do something new and unique, particularly on the user interface and navigation experience. In this new support site, we ended up creating something what we called dynamic modern navigation where products are listed vertically on the left and having a callout pointing on the selection. See below.


The navigation interface was modeled upon an extensive usability research. You would mostly navigate to the Home or Featured (notice these two are grouped differently), or either the Suite products or the top 3 flagship products – which are all show up by default. This allows you to quickly locate the help content of a particular product based on the platform of interest.


Want to see all the available controls in a single page? Then the Browse All is your best bet. You can also bookmark it and load from it, or navigate directly from the browser’s address bar.


Product Page

Every product has its own unique content, including get started, walkthroughs and blogs that related to that particular product. The new product page adopts a modern layout that nicely arranges the common tasks in the main area, then followed with the detailed items such as features topics, blogs and so on.

The product page itself contains five major sections: Home, Tutorial, Knowledge Base, Blog and Version History, which are located in the top right section of the page for easy discoverability.


One thing that I really like in this product page is the new knowledge base presentation that employs a kind of compelling UX concept. The real challenge here is how we can reuse the screen real estate for showing both the list and the item details. Popping up a non-blocking callout doesn’t seem ideal, or even worse for popping up a new browser window.

Our solution is to use sliding menu UX, where we combine data extensive operation – such as sorting and paging – with content that loaded on demand. The result is stunning enough, users can click an item to slide the list and see the content coming in, then click back to do go back to the list. See below.


We have eventually packaged every details of the UX into Sliding Menu component that we included in WebUI Studio 2010. This means that you can also add the same rich experience to your web apps – easily and quickly!

Click here to experience this compelling UX concept for yourself.

Friendly URLs

Another feature that I think worthwhile to mention is the user-friendly URLs mechanism that we implemented consistently across the corporate website – from the product information, to community forums, and to support center.

Instead of remembering the long unique ID of a video tutorial, you can now simply remember the title of the video and type it in the address bar to watch it. For example, most of our resources have the title patterned using certain prefix. The getting started videos, for instance, mostly patterned with “Getting started with [control name]”. By just remembering that, you can swiftly locate a WebCalendar video by simply typing “/Video/Getting-started-with-WebCalendar” directly in the address bar.

See the following screenshot for details.


The same mechanism is also applicable for walkthroughs, how-to topics, knowledge base, blog posts and any navigable content in the support center.

There are still a lot of new stuff that I couldn’t describe here due to space constraint. In the next post, I will blog on more technical resources and outlines some of helpful content particularly for Silverlight development. For now, I suggest you to visit intersoftpt.com/support and see the new support center for yourself.

Last but not least, enjoy our new support center experience!

All the best,

WebUI Studio 2010 SP1 Is Here

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of WebUI Studio 2010 service pack 1, the most significant updates to our flagship suite since its initial release few months ago. The new service pack delivers hundreds of enhancements and dozens of fixes across all product lineups – thanks to our customers for the continuous support and feedback. Click here to view the complete release notes for WebUI Studio 2010 service pack 1.

All existing customers and prospects are highly recommended to download the new service pack for increased performance, reliability and stability. Click here to download the latest product installer.

Over 5000 Documentation Topics for Silverlight and WPF – Delivered!

The new release also includes a comprehensive MSDN-style product documentation for the Silverlight and WPF lineups, packing in over 150 new walkthroughs and how-to topics, and over 80 conceptual topics that cover fundamental topics such as MVVM pattern development, application framework, navigation framework, and much more – not to mention the documentation for over 4500 classes, types and members at the class library level along with complimentary examples and remarks!

Accessing the new help content is easy and straightforward – here’s how.

  • From Windows program group.
    The new ClientUI documentation is now built upon Microsoft’s latest help viewer technology. This allows you to read the documentation with your favorite browser. Simply point and click the shortcut shown in the following screenshot, which opens a web browser with the help content ready. Open ClientUI documentation from program group
  • From Visual Studio.
    Having a hard time locating the help content for a particular property or class? With the new ClientUI help system, that’s a thing of the past! Now, you can simply place your cursor to a property or class in your XAML within the code editor and hit F1 key to bring up the help content for that particular member. The same contextual help is also applicable to the selection in the property window and class view, thanks to the seamless integration with the Visual Studio’s help viewer library. Press F1 to locate help content for the selected member

I think it’s noteworthy to mention that all the topics in the ClientUI documentation have passed our rigorous three-level review: technical review, content and formatting review, and US English proof-read review. Of course, what’s matter the most in such a product documentation is always the content. The content of the ClientUI documentation itself is arranged in the way that lets you locate certain help content easily and intuitively. Let’s tour the documentation highlights.

Getting Started

This is the best place to get started with ClientUI. The topics are ranging from introduction, system requirements, development environment overview, and quick walkthroughs for beginners.

Getting Started

Application Development

Get enough with the introduction? Jump straight to the application development using ClientUI. This section includes several interesting topics that guide you to work with Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4, as well as describing the designer features supported in ClientUI.

Application Development

ClientUI Fundamentals

The MVVM pattern, navigation framework and the load-on-demand composite application framework are three of the most interesting fundamental architecture in ClientUI – which are also the most frequently asked questions in our community forum since the RTM release two months ago. Satisfy your hunger on the architectural and fundamental topics – all centralized in this section from core application unity, to commanding concept, to drag and drop and user experiences, and more.



Browse to this section when you’re ready to deploy your ClientUI-powered applications, or when you have other difficulties in the development licensing which is very unlikely.



And last but not least, here is the place where you can find all the walkthroughs and how-to topics you need to get up to speed with Silverlight and WPF development using ClientUI. Despite of the huge list in number, every walkthrough is written very thoroughly with step-by-step details, accompanied with screenshots and XAML examples so you would never get lost. You definitely have to read it to see the details yourself.


What’s Next

What makes us even busier in the past few months is that we are going to release our new support site with hundreds of fresh content (of course!) in just the next couple days. It will include dozens of new tutorial videos particularly for the Silverlight and WPF lineups. The new support site will also unveil our new online documentation browser that sports a blazing fast tree navigation with auto sync TOC, as well as featuring Windows 7-style address bar and on-the-fly searching. Sneak preview it in the following screenshot.

New Online Documentation

When the new support site is available, I will blog more details about the new resources that you can play immediately, as well as aggregating a high level overview of the ClientUI documentation for easy reference.

Again, click here to learn the enhancements and fixes implemented in WebUI Studio 2010 service pack 1, and here to download the latest product installer.

We hope you enjoyed the new release! Stay tuned for the next announcement.

All the best,